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Overwhelmed: Turning Your Creative Vision Into a Sustainable Career

"Overwhelmed." This is the word I hear again and again from creative professionals who are trying to create work they love, while creating momentum for their career. A writer in one of my courses recently asked about the next step - the step beyond developing one's platform and audience. As he put it: "Ultimately we […] Read More

Momentum Sometimes Looks Like Failure

No one showed up. That is what happened last week when my friends Scott, Andrea and I held a local meetup. This was our 10th event, which we started a year ago. We called the series MOMENTUM, and sought to bring together local creative professionals who were looking to create momentum in their business and […] Read More

What is Your Creative Capacity?

In my guest post for WriterUnboxed.com, I explore the concept of creating more capacity in your life as a writer and creative professional. I also talk about my recent efforts to write my first book; the result so far has been a habit of writing 1,000 words per day. I just reached the 26,000 word […] Read More

It’s Later Than You Think

This week I received the news that a writer I had been working with recently had passed away. When we began working together, he was already mid-launch of a nonfiction book about international business - the culmination of his years of success as an executive in Fortune 500 companies. His publicist brought me on board […] Read More