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It’s Later Than You Think

This week I received the news that a writer I had been working with recently had passed away. When we began working together, he was already mid-launch of a nonfiction book about international business - the culmination of his years of success as an executive in Fortune 500 companies. His publicist brought me on board […] Read More

Two Words to Define Your Career: Custom and Collaborative

Your life is custom. It is unique regardless of where you went to school, or how many other people share the same job title as you. No one lives as you have. Likewise, your life is collaborative. No matter how much you have achieved because of your own experience, wisdom, and grit, much of it […] Read More

The Success of Starting

Many authors and creative professionals I meet express two feelings: They are overwhelmed juggling personal life, professional life, and writing life. They desperately want to feel a sense of momentum in their writing life. I have been launching some new courses recently, and am reviewing feedback from writers who have been through them. Their words […] Read More

Closing the Gap Between Your Taste & the Quality of Your Craft

Craft. To me, there is no more foundational of a word to describe the PROCESS of not only becoming a better writer, but becoming better at communicating with and connecting to the world. Craft is a skill set (or series of skill sets) that you hone slowly, often over the course of years. Craft isn't […] Read More