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Getting real (on social media)

Social media is different things to different people. In the line of work I do, very often writers or creative professionals come to me hoping for social media to be a promotional channel. For instance, they want to use it to sell more books. I understand why they want that; they believe in their book, […] Read More

3 Common Marketing Fallacies That Writers Need To Be Wary Of

Today I want to cover three common marketing fallacies that I see all the time. These are things I see that bump writers off track, and tend to leave them overwhelmed. Also, I'll give my advice for what you should do instead. Okay, let's dig in.... I see this constantly. A viable piece of advice […] Read More

“I feel like a fraud most of the time.”

These are words that a someone said to me recently: “I feel like a fraud most of the time.” They were spoken by a very successful woman, with credentials from decades of experience in her field. I shared this with a mastermind group I run, and people expressed how pervasive this sentiment is. One put […] Read More

A masterclass in sales copy

Most of us are passionate about creating our work, but we find marketing it to be a challenge. The skills that allow us to create a great story are different from those we need to to position it in the marketplace, promote it, and actually get someone to buy it. When I work with clients, […] Read More

Investing in Your Own Potential

In my latest guest post for Writer Unboxed, I talk about how often we hold ourselves back, killing our own creative dreams before they can take root. In the piece I share three things: A story of how Steve Chen left Facebook just before it became a household name, in order to make his own […] Read More