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I’m changing how I work

Today I want to talk about the way I'm changing how I work, and how this change is a direct response to the challenges many of you face, and the goals you hope to achieve. The other week, I asked my email subscribers what their biggest creative fear was. While those who responded described their […] Read More

What is your greatest hope for your work?

I have two simple questions today, and I would love for you to email me and let me know: What is your biggest fear regarding your creative work in 2016? What is your greatest hope for it? Please email me at dan@wegrowmedia.com with your answers. I will kick this off by answering the questions myself […] Read More

To do great work: embrace your limits

Heads up: there are just a handful of spots left in my mastermind group that begins on November 4th. Join me and a group of creative professionals to move your career to the next level. More info and registration here. Onto today's post... Great art requires limitations. Too little time. The wrong materials. Ideas that […] Read More

Join me in the WeGrowMedia Mastermind

I'm offering a rare opportunity to engage with me personally through an 8-week mastermind program that will focus your creative business for success in 2016. Every year I go through a system of analysis that serves as the backbone for my company, WeGrowMedia. This is now a five-year-old venture, and each year it has been […] Read More

Copying Others and Failing vs. Forging Your Own Path

My most recent guest post on WriterUnboxed focuses on how difficult the path to success for creatives really is, and makes the following point: Spend less time reacting to other people’s expectations, and instead, become great at something that no one else even thought of. The post shares two compelling examples of this. Read it […] Read More