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Behind the Scenes of My Podcasting & Interview Process

Since I announced my book Dabblers vs. Doers a few months ago, I have been in a process of research for the book that includes interviews with various creative professionals. I decided to share that primary research live as it happens via a podcast and accompanying blog posts. Just look at these awesome people I […] Read More

Free Webinar: Take Back Your Creative Time

Do you want to spend more time developing a meaningful body of creative work? Do you envision that work as the foundation for a full-time career? Then please join me for a free webinar on Thursday, April 16th at 1pm ET: Take Back Your Creative Time. Click here to sign up for the free webinar. […] Read More

Build a Career Around Your Craft

For years I have worked with authors who want to build a firmer foundation for their career, and to earn more money in the process. Through this work, I have realized there are so many more creative professionals with the same goals: artists, photographers, designers, photographers, musicians, social entrepreneurs, and so many others. They have […] Read More