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Create Experiences For Your Audience

My latest guest post for Writer Unboxed talks about the value of not just searching for attention, but being careful about where you put your own attention. "Many people bemoan the self-involved writer on social media, the one who is constantly vying for attention and over-promoting their own work. This puts other writers (you, perhaps?) […] Read More

Overwhelmed: Turning Your Creative Vision Into a Sustainable Career

"Overwhelmed." This is the word I hear again and again from creative professionals who are trying to create work they love, while creating momentum for their career. A writer in one of my courses recently asked about the next step - the step beyond developing one's platform and audience. As he put it: "Ultimately we […] Read More

Momentum Sometimes Looks Like Failure

No one showed up. That is what happened last week when my friends Scott, Andrea and I held a local meetup. This was our 10th event, which we started a year ago. We called the series MOMENTUM, and sought to bring together local creative professionals who were looking to create momentum in their business and […] Read More

What is Your Creative Capacity?

In my guest post for WriterUnboxed.com, I explore the concept of creating more capacity in your life as a writer and creative professional. I also talk about my recent efforts to write my first book; the result so far has been a habit of writing 1,000 words per day. I just reached the 26,000 word […] Read More