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Is your voice being heard? Join me in Fearless Work.

I understand how difficult it is to make your creative work a priority. You want your voice heard, but it gets drowned out in the process of attending to everyday responsibilities. The result? Your art, your craft, your creative work is left undone. Ignored. Abandoned. I hear this from so many people. Which is why […] Read More

Okay, this is something I’m really excited about…

My team and I have been working on something I am incredibly excited about. I won't be announcing it just yet, but I wanted to share a bit of the "why" behind it, and give you a teaser. Every single day I talk to people who are trying to find more time to do their […] Read More

Is Your Creative Work Stuck in the Mud?

Overwhelmed. Distracted. Treading water. Alone. Frustrated. Stuck. These are terms I hear often from creative professionals trying to gain momentum in their work. Including me. I have wrestled with these challenges as much as any other creative trying to hone their craft, and make a living around it. Too often, we ignore the problem. We […] Read More

The Complete List of Creative Distractions and Defenses Against Them

Over on Writer Unboxed, I shared a humorous take on a huge problem that affects many creative professionals: distractions. I cover a wide range of distractions, and propose clear tactics to combat them. One example: Distraction: Cleaning Definition: Dust bunnies. You can hear them calling, can’t you? They say, “Dust us! Collect us and deliver […] Read More