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Don’t Make It Perfect. Just Make It Better.

"I have bits & pieces but don’t know how to construct a coherent plan from all of it." These are words an author shared with me this week, and it sounded so familiar. This is a challenge that many writers go through. They are super smart, they have read so many “helpful” articles and blog […] Read More

Your Life is Not Tetris – Stop Trying to Shove More Stuff Into It

Your life is not Tetris. Stop trying to re-arrange the pieces so you can shove MORE stuff, more activities into it. Working with authors, I find that many (most? ALL?!) are overwhelmed. They are trying to fit so much into their lives: writing, publishing/marketing, a day job, family, home, friends, hobbies, personal health, lawn care, […] Read More

Who Reads Your Work Matters More Than How Many

In measuring your success as an author, focusing JUST on numbers is a sure way to always feel like crap about yourself. Why? Because there is always someone with more - someone who represents a "next level," that you have failed to achieve. Someone who has sold more books, has a more popular blog than […] Read More

Investing in the Future, While Honoring the Past

How, as a writer or creative professional, do you make room for the new, the future? How do you create potential for yourself, your writing, and those who you hope to reach? How does one leverage the wisdom of experience, respecting the events of the past, and honoring those who came before us, while still […] Read More