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Closing the Gap Between Your Taste & the Quality of Your Craft

Craft. To me, there is no more foundational of a word to describe the PROCESS of not only becoming a better writer, but becoming better at communicating with and connecting to the world. Craft is a skill set (or series of skill sets) that you hone slowly, often over the course of years. Craft isn't […] Read More

Forgoing the “New and Shiny”

I saw something a couple months back, that I can't get out of my head. It's something that reminded me of how - too often - we get distracted by the "new and shiny," forgetting work of skill, craft, and meaning. But, I'll get back to what that thing was in a moment... I see […] Read More

New Online Course: “Launch Your Email Newsletter”

I was really surprised by the incredible response to last week's message - so many people reached out to me with their thoughts and challenges in terms of connecting with their audience via email newsletters. I have been developing an email newsletter online course for awhile, but last week's response made me think: "Dan, you […] Read More

The Mindless Robots of Social Media “Best Practices”

This is exactly how I feel about so many of the "best practices" for social media that I hear about; they have the right intention, but something goes awry: What you see here is a robot doing EXACTLY as it was programmed to do. And yet, something is lost in translation. Is the garbage can […] Read More