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This isn’t easy

So my team and I have been trying to figure out how to use Facebook ads effectively, and this past week, we gave up. But perhaps not for the reason you think. YES, we did find it difficult to identify a campaign that met our goals. I have been studying others doing a similar thing, […] Read More

Want To Do More Creative Work? Focus On Your Support System.

How do you get more creative work done? This is a topic I obsess about -- helping creative professionals find a way to do more of the work they love. Today, I want to share three examples of what this looks like, and how it is often counterintuitive. A recent episode of This American Life […] Read More

Is your voice being heard? Join me in Fearless Work.

I understand how difficult it is to make your creative work a priority. You want your voice heard, but it gets drowned out in the process of attending to everyday responsibilities. The result? Your art, your craft, your creative work is left undone. Ignored. Abandoned. I hear this from so many people. Which is why […] Read More