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The Trap of Your Comfort Zone

My most recent guest post for WriterUnboxed.com provides specific examples (with photos) of some projects I am working on that illustrate the need for writers & creative professionals to work outside of their comfort zones. I frame it in three stages of one's career: Writing Publishing Developing an audience The post also includes a mind-blowing […] Read More

Inside Kickstarter

How do you ask for help? A client and friend of mine is about to launch a Kickstarter campaign [update: it's now live!], and today I would like to take you inside that process -- that process of asking for help -- and inside the Kickstarter company itself. We were able to take a tour […] Read More

Behind the Scenes of My Life as a Creative Professional

Today, I would like to take you behind the scenes to see what my professional life looks like. I'll show you many of the projects that I haven't talked about recently, and some of the wonderful people that fill my life. The idea for this post came after reflecting on the words filmmaker Angela Tucker […] Read More