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Craft comes first

When I talk to writers about how to ensure their message is heard, I always start with the same piece of advice: write the best book that you can. This craft, this art, is core to everything that comes after. The work itself must be of the best quality you can make it. Craft is […] Read More

Creating a support system for your creative work

Most of the people I work with -- writers and other creative professionals -- work from home. They develop their craft amidst other responsibilities, and the worries that come with them: family, finance, health, home, relationships, and so much else. Very often, I talk about creative habits that help you produce great work, and to […] Read More

Forgive yourself

This year, in all of the presentations at conferences and events, I have ended with a slide that says this: "Forgive yourself." This past week, I shared that with a group of writers in a talk I gave for Writer's Digest, and I received a note back from an author saying this: "Thanks for a […] Read More

Don’t go viral

Don't try to go viral. Instead, focus on narrowcasting. Let me explain... By viral, I mean doing something that creates "buzz" really quickly, often via social media. Too often, writers and creative professionals feel overwhelmed by all the things they are told to do (blog! newsletter! podcast! Twitter! Pinterest!) because the goal seems to be […] Read More

I’m opening a few slots to my private Mastermind group

I'm offering a rare opportunity to engage with me personally through a 12-week mastermind program that will focus your creative business for success in 2017. Every year I go through a system of analysis that serves as the backbone for my company, WeGrowMedia. This is now a six-year-old venture, and each year it has been […] Read More