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Why Email Newsletters?

In my recent guest post for WriterUnboxed.com, I reviewed the reasons why a writer or creative professional should consider having an email newsletter: If you are skeptical about email, you are not alone. What do you share in a newsletter? One thing: enthusiasm. How often to send a newsletter? Often enough to matter: weekly. How […] Read More

New Online Course: Launch Your Email Newsletter

I just opened the doors to the next session of my online course: Launch Your Email Newsletter. This is a 4-week course to help writers & creative professionals, well, launch their email newsletters. It begins February 9th, full details are below. One super exciting part of this process has been adding a full faculty to […] Read More

Anchoring Myself to the Book Title “Dabblers vs. Doers”

This post is a part of my behind-the-scenes series on a book I am writing called Dabblers vs. Doers.   Now that I have announced that I am writing a book, I want to begin ensuring that anyone that hears the title of my book, Dabblers vs. Doers, will easily find a path back to […] Read More