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Invest in people and experiences

Too often, to push our work forward, we consider investing in tools and resources. Maybe it's an application, a new piece of equipment, or a learning resource such as an online course. Today, I want to encourage you to instead invest in experiences and other people. I started the thread of this conversation last week, […] Read More

Create experiences, not data

The measure of our success cannot always be counted in raw data; rather, it should be felt in the depth of experiences we create. If you are a writer, that experience may be the one that a reader feels when reading your book. It may also be the countless silent ways they think about your […] Read More

Be the gateway

When I talk with writers, they often feel confusion at how the vision they have for their book can align to the pressure they feel to have a "platform." They don't know what to include on a website, what to send in an email newsletter, what to share on social media, and how to make […] Read More

I’m hiring an intern (and you should too)

I'm hiring an intern to join me here on the WeGrowMedia team. I want to tell you a bit about that, plus I want to go further and encourage you to hire interns of your own. Crazy, right?! Let's dig in... I am hiring a paid intern to join WeGrowMedia! This is a "virtual" internship, […] Read More

Making social media fun again

Today I want to share the advice I give to every writer and creative professional who is overwhelmed with social media, and either: Doesn't know how to make it feel effective towards their goals. They want it to feel meaningful again. Has lost enthusiasm for social media. They want it to feel fun again. If […] Read More