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Actually Caring About People Will Always Matter

Today I want to share my super secret tip for social media success: CARE. I know, it sounds basic. But in the video above, I share why caring is the one timeline thing that you need to succeed on any social media platform.


  • so true, Dan

    I’ve been writing about exactly this in the How To Build An Author House series. It doesn’t matter about the platform, it matters about how you use it.

    I focus on the Social side (rather than use the word care), but it basically says the exact same thing. It’s all about engaging. Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest…who cares

    It’s how you use them

    as always, nice video

    Matthew (Turndog Millionaire)

    ps. the site is now launched 🙂 bring on the future!

    • Thanks Matt, and Congrats on the site launch!