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Ami Greko Interview: How eBooks, Social Reading & Online Marketing are Changing Publishing

I had the pleasure to speak with Ami Greko, Senior Vendor Relations Manager at Kobo, about a variety of topics:

  • Online marketing for authors
  • Her experience in the publishing world, working for Kobo, Macmillan, Folio Literary Management, Farrar, Straus and Giroux, and Penguin Books, AdaptiveBlue.
  • Publishing events, including Book2 Camp, and unconference she helps to organize.
  • Social reading
  • eBooks and indie writers
  • How the role of publishers is, and isn’t, changing

You can find Ami in the following places:
Twitter: @ami_with_an_i


  • I’ve been wanting to get a bookcamp or ebook publishing bar camp here in Berkeley — how did you do that?

    • Hi! I know Ami was inspired by efforts in Canada and the UK. She and a couple other people spearheaded it for NY, but found partners. Check out the Book2Camp website: http://www.book2camp.org/

      and maybe reach out to Ami if you have questions.

  • Thank you and more. e-books have recently become more popular than paper. They have their advantages. The most important of which is saving time and money, which is important.