This blog will detail the process of launching a single book. The book is Bittersweet by Miranda Beverly-Whittemore, and here she and Dan Blank will discuss their process for growing a platform for Miranda and the book.

This is about story, not publicity.
About connecting with like-minds, not getting more Facebook Likes or Twitter followers.
Of living the life of a writer, not a marketer.

About Miranda.
About Dan.

3 Thoughts.

  1. I love reading this blog–when I remember to look at it or Dan mentions it in his newsletter. But you’ve made it hard for me to follow you because there is no way for me to subscribe. Or if there is it’s too well hidden for me to find.

    Good luck on the launch and thank you for sharing the process.
    Pamela Toler

  2. 14,000 books on the first go! I was actually thinking to myself, “wow, if five or ten thousand people like my first book, I’ve not only hit the ball out of the park, I’ve hit it out of the state!” I think I remember reading that Steven King wrote three books prior to “Carrie”, which was his first big hit. So, congratulations on the huge SUCCESS of your first book.

  3. I noticed a post here that refers to “14,000 books on the first go!” I couldn’t find anything on your site that explains that statement but I am interested in the story behind the statement. I think others would be too. So I have a few questions: Did you sell that many books? Is it your first novel? Is the book self-published? What marketing strategies did you use? It would be great if you wrote a post answering questions about your success. Or maybe you already did and I didn’t see it here? Thanks.

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