Filming the Book Trailer

This weekend my ¬†family played around with a bunch of book trailer ideas we’ve been scheming up. On Saturday, we had a couple of ¬†friends visiting who were perfect for the parts and game to play around with us, so we got out the camera and some carcasses-


yes, you read that right, carcasses- and shot some footage!

The crew:



The actors:



Setting up a shot:



In between shots:



The director getting a closer look:



Take three:






And that’s a wrap!

4 Thoughts.

    • I promise that the turtles met their demise looooong before we got ahold of them! In other turtle news, just wait ’til you see the turtle footage we shot today (spoiler alert: live turtle)!

  1. Just bought your book on Amazon—loved the beginning and know that it will be a delicious read. The little films are a beautiful treat. Keep up the great work. Good luck!

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