In the Eye of the Storm

As Miranda indicated in her post yesterday, and as she said on our most recent call:

β€œIt feels like this weird eye of the storm moment.”

That we have done so much preparation in the past six months, and that we are now in that anxious place just before a baby is born (another Miranda metaphor.) Stuff is (hopefully) about to happen, and we need to step into that launch phase to welcome it.

A lot has been happening actually, but I will always let Miranda be the first to announce things as she wants to, but suffice to say, there were like three new things she told me about on our call that she had plum forgot to tell me!

Regardless, I LOVE LOVE LOVE how Miranda is continuing to work on her next book throughout all of the work being done for the launch of Bittersweet. Her writing is the center of it all, even the center of this storm.


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