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  • Would You Drive 100 Miles for a Sandwich? (1/12/2018) - Many writers and artists I know are stuck between these two places: They are overwhelmed with all of the marketing, promotion, and content being thrown at them via email, blogs, podcasts, social media, phone, TV and every other channel. Yet, they desperately want to grow and engage an audience for their own creative work, usually […]
  • Creating is the best marketing (1/5/2018) - I have spent years teaching about marketing, branding, blogging, social media, podcasting, speaking, ecourses, newsletters, websites, digital downloads, videos, and so much more. But I’m going to say it: Creating is the best marketing. Period. Meaning: doing more of your craft, publishing it and sharing it is the best way to develop an audience. That […]
  • Fill Your Life With Intention, Not Reaction (12/29/2017) - Reminder: today is the last day to register for my Mastermind group which begins on Monday. Work directly with me to develop the power habits you need to find success with your writing and art. You can find details, a video walk-through and registration here. There is enough room in the world for your writing, […]
  • I need your help (12/22/2017) - This past year, I doubled down on my creative work. I made some big changes, focused on increasing the clarity of what I do, while improving all the details: I signed a lease on a private studio space: I spent the year continuing to dig deep into my research on successful writers and artists. I […]
  • The Top 3 Habits of Successful Writers & Artists (12/15/2017) - All I do all day, every day, is work in the trenches with writers and artists. Today I want to share the 3 essential habits that successful creators use to battle distraction, create work that matters, and grow their audience. Let’s dig in… #1 Focus on One Thing The first habit is to focus on […]
  • How to Mastermind (12/14/2017) - This podcast episode digs into why I feel you should join or create a mastermind group, and my tips on how to get the most value out of it. I review different types of mastermind groups, how they can help you find more success as a creative professional, and best practices for collaborating with others. […]
  • How to set (and achieve) your creative goals (12/8/2017) - Today I want to share simple steps to set goals for your creative work that you can (and will!) actually achieve in 2018. I want you to be able to battle distraction, avoid overwhelm, and truly take meaningful steps to improving your craft and sharing it with others. (Heads up: I’m hosting a live chat […]
  • Announcing My New Mastermind Program (12/1/2017) - If you could make one thing happen next year for your writing or your art, what would it be? When I ask this of people I meet, I tend to hear one of three answers: “I want to know exactly what I should be creating and have a clear plan of how to do it.” […]
  • The Opportunity to Create (11/24/2017) - Every day, we each have the opportunity to not just consume, but to create. We can each make the choice to double down on a creative vision, and spend a few moments writing, drawing, crafting, or performing. I encourage you to create every day. This year I spent a lot of time on personal reflection with […]
  • The Success Path for Writers & Artists (11/17/2017) - For the past few years I have dug deep into researching what it takes to find success with your craft. How writers, artists, and other creative professionals can go from just dabbling with their work, to realizing their full potential, and changing other people’s lives. Today I want to share what I have been learning. […]