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  • How to get reviews for your work (2/12/2016) - When you release your work — your book, your art, your business — the biggest thing you fear is not failure, but silence. That no one cared. Deep down, you are certain that your work matters, that it can change people’s lives. But part of you resists being the one shouting from the rooftops about […]
  • Five steps to social media bliss (2/5/2016) - Again and again I hear from people that they struggle with social media. Two challenges always come up. Tell me if you resonate with these: Overwhelm – it takes a lot of time and feels like a distraction. You wonder how people manage it all. Effectiveness – your efforts on social media seem to fall […]
  • How to become a bestselling author (1/29/2016) - I just launched a new series of articles with my friend, New York Times bestselling author Miranda Beverly-Whittemore. The aim is to provide honest, practical advice to writers negotiating the murky waters of publication, especially around their roles in publicity and marketing, where so much is expected and often so little guidance is offered. The […]
  • Join me for a live Q&A chat today (1/27/2016) - Later today I will be hosting a live Q&A call – I invite you to join me. We will be talking about key solutions to finding more time and energy to do the creative work that matters most to you. I will also be answering questions about my Fearless Work course, which begins Monday.    I […]
  • Opening the doors to my Fearless Work program (1/26/2016) - I just opened the doors to my Fearless Work program! This is a 6-week online course focused on helping you find more time and energy to do the creative work that matters most to you. Some huge things we tackle in this program: How to prioritize the actions that matter most. Key tactics to remove […]
  • Let’s talk about the author’s role in publicity and marketing (1/26/2016) - I’m excited to announce a new collaboration with myself and bestselling author Miranda Beverly-Whittemore. It is a series of blog posts called “How I Book,” where we dig into the reality of an author’s role in publicity and marketing for their book. Here is the first post, nearly 4,000 words on everything Miranda wishes she […]
  • “Not only doesn’t it get any easier, it actually gets harder.” (1/26/2016) - I shared a guest post over on Writer Unboxed that explores this quote from author Dani Shapiro: “Not only doesn’t it get any easier, it actually gets harder.” So very often, someone pursuing creative work waits for “the right time,” or “the right tool,” or for a solution that somehow makes it “easy” to move […]
  • Why I said ‘no’ to a free trip to Hawaii (1/22/2016) - Last week I was offered a free, all-expense paid trip to Hawaii. This included airfare from New Jersey, a hotel room with an ocean view, luau, hiking, the whole package. The context was this: I was invited to speak at what looks to be an AMAZING conference. The organizer invited me herself, and I was […]
  • 4 mistakes that sabotage your creative work (1/19/2016) - Last week I asked, “If you knew you couldn’t fail, what is the one thing you would like to accomplish with your creative work?” I received dozens of responses, many of which were brutally honest about challenges and fears. Do you know what I noticed? How simple people’s aspirations were. Now, I don’t mean simple […]
  • If you couldn’t fail (1/15/2016) - Tell me if these scenarios sound familiar to you: Dani took a job that made her feel like a sellout, just for the money. She felt ashamed.   Srini’s greatest success turned into a failure that had him contemplating suicide.   Sarah took a huge risk in her career, and got laid off months later. […]