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  • How to set (and achieve) your creative goals (12/8/2017) - Today I want to share simple steps to set goals for your creative work that you can (and will!) actually achieve in 2018. I want you to be able to battle distraction, avoid overwhelm, and truly take meaningful steps to improving your craft and sharing it with others. (Heads up: I’m hosting a live chat […]
  • Announcing My New Mastermind Program (12/1/2017) - If you could make one thing happen next year for your writing or your art, what would it be? When I ask this of people I meet, I tend to hear one of three answers: “I want to know exactly what I should be creating and have a clear plan of how to do it.” […]
  • The Opportunity to Create (11/24/2017) - Every day, we each have the opportunity to not just consume, but to create. We can each make the choice to double down on a creative vision, and spend a few moments writing, drawing, crafting, or performing. I encourage you to create every day. This year I spent a lot of time on personal reflection with […]
  • The Success Path for Writers & Artists (11/17/2017) - For the past few years I have dug deep into researching what it takes to find success with your craft. How writers, artists, and other creative professionals can go from just dabbling with their work, to realizing their full potential, and changing other people’s lives. Today I want to share what I have been learning. […]
  • “I gave myself permission” – an interview with children’s book author Stacy McAnulty (11/9/2017) - If you wondered about the reality of what it takes to find true success with your craft, I beg of you to listen to my interview with children’s book author Stacy McAnulty. She published 6 books this year, and 6 books in 2016. The road to that success? Dramatically longer and more involved that even I […]
  • 10 Simple Steps to Steady Blogging (11/3/2017) - Do you struggle to keep up with consistently posting to your blog, email newsletter, or even a podcast? Let’s solve that once and for all, right now. I’m going to share the 10 simple steps that will create an easily manageable system for your blog. This is what I have learned after helping people launch […]
  • Can You Have a Platform Without Social Media? Yes. (10/27/2017) - This past week a writer shared with me a familiar challenge: “Publishers and agents expect authors to have a strong social media presence. I’ve taken seminars and workshops about social media. I feel like I understand how to do it, but I just don’t enjoy it.” Today I would like to explain why I feel […]
  • Stop Following Others. Be More Like Yourself. An Interview With Will Ackerman (10/19/2017) - I want you to imagine something. That you take the unique creative vision that is inside of you, and you pursue it. You obsessively go “all in” with it. You stop following the advice of the gurus out there, and you double down on honing your craft and sharing it with others. After awhile, people […]
  • The two things I advise for any book launch (10/12/2017) - I hung up this quote on the wall of my studio this week: So many writers and artists I speak to are crushed by the weight of all the things they are told they “must do” in order to succeed. They are drowning in information. There is a constant barrage of webinars, courses, Facebook ads, […]
  • Distracted by Art (10/6/2017) - This week I asked a group of writers and artists about their biggest distractions — the thing keeping them from working on their craft. I called these distractions “cave trolls” because they stand between the artist and their creative vision. Again and again, I heard about the distraction of the internet, and of how hard […]