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  • The two things I advise for any book launch (10/12/2017) - I hung up this quote on the wall of my studio this week: So many writers and artists I speak to are crushed by the weight of all the things they are told they “must do” in order to succeed. They are drowning in information. There is a constant barrage of webinars, courses, Facebook ads, […]
  • Distracted by Art (10/6/2017) - This week I asked a group of writers and artists about their biggest distractions — the thing keeping them from working on their craft. I called these distractions “cave trolls” because they stand between the artist and their creative vision. Again and again, I heard about the distraction of the internet, and of how hard […]
  • What platform really means, today (9/29/2017) - Something special happened this week. My book reached the milestone of receiving 50 reviews on Amazon, with an average rating of 5 stars: Someone asked: “How did you do this?” It was a difficult question to consider. In many ways, the honest answer is, “I didn’t. Generous readers have supported me and my work. They […]
  • 3 Essential Ingredients of Successful Creative Work (9/22/2017) - In the past couple of weeks, two podcasts interviewed me about how I balance family and my creative work. You can listen to those conversations here: My interview with Mom Writes (Episode 4): “Dan Blank, author of Be the Gateway, walks us through his work day- including his particular strategies of time blocking and energy […]
  • My Creative Shift (9/15/2017) - Last week, without warning, I lost a client. It seems they had a surprise medical bill, and just like that, I was down a client. It’s scary. It means that part-way into the month, I just lost a big chunk of revenue that can’t be replaced. That revenue is all that supports my family. It […]
  • Join me in the Creative Shift Mastermind (9/11/2017) - Someone emailed me the other day, saying, “I am sick of the “systems” and funnels everyone is using. I want to do something authentic and unique.” What she was referencing was how she has a vision for her creative work, but when it comes to marketing, she is overwhelmed by advice. This advice is sold […]
  • The Poseur Test (9/1/2017) - Have you ever felt like a total fraud with your creative work? Like a poseur who wants to be known as a writer or artist or for their ideas, but worries that you don’t live up to that identity? If you have, boy are you not alone. I grew up as an artist, my friends […]
  • From Working at Outback Steakhouse to Acting With Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson – an Interview with Jason Liles (8/24/2017) - Something happened this week that stunned me. On a whim, I decided to reach out to an old friend, and invite him as a guest on my podcast. Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect from this. When I met him nearly 10 years ago, he was young, in his early 20s, and we met […]
  • When will it get easier? (8/17/2017) - There has been a quote ringing in my head for awhile now: “Not only does it not get any easier, it actually gets harder.” That is from Dani Shapiro, reflecting on on the desire that nearly every writer and artist has. When you are working so hard to try to create work you can be […]
  • The moment everything changed (8/10/2017) - So many writers and artists I speak to strive to do their work full-time — to be able to spend their days on their craft and developing an audience around it. I was considering the moment when everything changed for me… when it became possible for me to work full-time on my own, to spend […]