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  • Let’s Talk About Art, Money, Piracy and Drew Barrymore. My Interview With Marc Johns. (2/20/2018) - On January 29th, artist Marc Johns saw this on social media: Drew Barrymore shared a photo of her daughter wearing a jacket that had Marc’s art on it: Amazing right? This is the type of thing that many artists dream about: a celebrity sharing their work with 8 million followers. But there was a problem. […]
  • The Cure for Social Media Overwhelm (2/16/2018) - I realized something this week: 10 years ago, I joined Twitter. I’ve shared 25,000 Tweets in that time. 12 years ago I created my blog. I clicked “publish” on a post more than 2,000 times. 13 years ago I sent my first email newsletter. I’ve sent more than 650 weekly newsletters since then. In some […]
  • Find More Time For Creative Work You are Proud Of, With Srini Rao (2/13/2018) - Today I speak with Srini Rao, who is the host and founder of The Unmistakable Creative podcast, and the author of Unmistakable: Why Only Is Better Than Best. In this chat we discuss how to find more time to do the creative work that you love. Click ‘play’ above, or listen to the episode on […]
  • Join Me In My Studio (2/11/2018) - Create an Online Identity and Social Media Profile That Feels Honest, Professional and Inspiring Join me a for a one-day intensive workshop to create or refine your online identity so that it feels authentically you, and will resonate with those you hope to engage. In this one-day live virtual workshop, you will work directly with […]
  • Navigating Creative Burnout, My Interview With Rebecca Green (1/31/2018) - How do you navigate creative burnout? That is something that illustrator/author Rebecca Green has been working through. Here is a snapshot of her work: A-MAZ-ING right?! But a couple months ago, she shared this with her 225,000 Instagram followers: “I have to be honest, my well is empty. Bone dry. It’s been a rough last […]
  • Book Coach Q&A with Jennie Nash (1/26/2018) - I sat down with book coach Jennie Nash to run a Q&A session with writers. Jennie has many super powers, and on this call we discussed aspects of how to write a better book, how to manage your creative time, and the connection between audience engagement and writing. Jennie gives brutally honest answers about what […]
  • Becoming a Healthy Writer: My Interview With Joanna Penn (1/22/2018) - Often, writers and artists talk about how to get better at their craft, publish their work, and engage an audience. They look for tricks and trends and shortcuts and “best practices.”  Yet, in working with creative professionals over the years, I have found that there is a topic which can undermine all of their other […]
  • The Gift of Your Full Attention (1/18/2018) - A writer I know shared a story with me recently that I can’t stop thinking about. It encapsulated so much of how writers struggle to truly share their work with the world, and find their audience. What she told me: “I went to a dinner this week with a group of my husband’s friends, people […]
  • Would You Drive 100 Miles for a Sandwich? (1/12/2018) - Many writers and artists I know are stuck between these two places: They are overwhelmed with all of the marketing, promotion, and content being thrown at them via email, blogs, podcasts, social media, phone, TV and every other channel. Yet, they desperately want to grow and engage an audience for their own creative work, usually […]
  • Creating is the best marketing (1/5/2018) - I have spent years teaching about marketing, branding, blogging, social media, podcasting, speaking, ecourses, newsletters, websites, digital downloads, videos, and so much more. But I’m going to say it: Creating is the best marketing. Period. Meaning: doing more of your craft, publishing it and sharing it is the best way to develop an audience. That […]