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  • Why Email Newsletters? (1/29/2015) - In my recent guest post for WriterUnboxed.com, I reviewed the reasons why a writer or creative professional should consider having an email newsletter: If you are skeptical about email, you are not alone. What do you share in a newsletter? One thing: enthusiasm. How often to send a newsletter? Often enough to matter: weekly. How […]
  • Sarah Bray: Earning a Living as a Creative Professional with 1,000 True Fans (1/27/2015) - Sarah Bray is a living embodiment of the 1,000 true fans ethos; She has a thriving career as a creative professional, by catering to a small group of like-minds who know and appreciate her work. Just before we spoke, Sarah was thrust into a career transition when she was laid off from her job. In […]
  • Calculating the ROI (return on investment) of Why I Am Writing a Book (1/27/2015) - This post is a part of my behind-the-scenes series on a book I am writing called Dabblers vs. Doers.   How can I justify the time, energy, and money to write a book? We all know the common reasons that people write books, from basic validation and expression, to the drive to share, entertain, and […]
  • New Online Course: Launch Your Email Newsletter (1/26/2015) - I just opened the doors to the next session of my online course: Launch Your Email Newsletter. This is a 4-week course to help writers & creative professionals, well, launch their email newsletters. It begins February 9th, full details are below. One super exciting part of this process has been adding a full faculty to […]
  • Anchoring Myself to the Book Title “Dabblers vs. Doers” (1/21/2015) - This post is a part of my behind-the-scenes series on a book I am writing called Dabblers vs. Doers.   Now that I have announced that I am writing a book, I want to begin ensuring that anyone that hears the title of my book, Dabblers vs. Doers, will easily find a path back to […]
  • Tina Roth Eisenberg: Building Businesses Through Caring (1/19/2015) - How can one woman not only manage five huge projects/businesses, but do so in a way that empowers other creative professionals to grow their craft and earn more revenue? Today, I talk to Tina Roth Eisenberg, who runs temporary tattoo company Tattly (with 14 employees), a monthly meetup series (in 100+ countries) CreativeMornings, a to-do […]
  • I’m Writing a Book (1/12/2015) - I am excited to officially announce that I am writing a book! It’s called Dabblers vs. Doers, and is about working through RISK as you develop your craft and build a meaningful body of work. So many people are stuck in a rut between creative vision and crushing anxiety. They are overwhelmed by their many […]
  • The Birth of the Book (1/12/2015) - This post is a part of my behind-the-scenes series on a book I am writing called Dabblers vs. Doers.   I had started and stopped writing a book three times in the past five years. The first couple of times, I got bogged down in all the ideas, which became completely unmanageable.I would write down […]
  • Barb Short: How a Working Single Mom Found the Bravery to Open a Bookstore (1/10/2015) - How did a working single parent find the time, energy, resources, and the sheer bravery to open up an independent bookstore? In today’s podcast, I talk with Barb Short who recently opened Short Stories Community Book Hub. Click ‘play’ above to listen to the podcast, or subscribe on iTunes, or download the MP3. In this […]
  • Free Webinar: FINDING & ENGAGING YOUR AUDIENCE: THE BIGGEST CHALLENGES — AND BEST SOLUTIONS (1/9/2015) - Do you have a creative vision that seems to be falling flat, failing to engage an audience of enthusiastic fans? Have you worked hard to develop an audience, but still feel like you haven’t reached your potential? In this free webinar, I will explore the biggest challenges that writers and creative professionals face in finding […]