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  • The Gateway Mastermind (3/17/2017) - When I reached out to an author who had been a part of a previous session of my mastermind program, to tell her about the next one, this was her reply: “I’m very pleased to tell you, because of your guidance, I’m way too busy connecting with my audience over the next three months, to join […]
  • How I wrote, published, and marketed my book (3/10/2017) - This week, an author sent me a note telling me about a decision she made: “I’m committing to take my writing from a hobby to my work. It is scary and exciting all at once. Each day I work to open my heart and silence the doubts, and more importantly, I write.” I replied to […]
  • The threshold (3/7/2017) - Today is the publication date for my book, Be the Gateway. You can now buy it on Amazon. If you would consider purchasing it and leaving a review, that would mean so much to me. Something I have been thinking a lot about this month is the word “threshold.” With my book coming out and […]
  • How can I help you? (3/3/2017) - I would genuinely like to know, what advice can I provide to help you better share your creative work and reach your audience? Reply below (or via email) and let me know. I will be spending March sharing as much advice I can via videos, online events, social media, and through email. I want to […]
  • Embrace your boundaries (2/24/2017) - In my latest guest post for Writer Unboxed, I discuss how having clear boundaries can HELP you gain momentum in three key areas: Your writing and creative work Publishing and sharing Engaging an audience Boundaries are a gift to your creative work. Embrace your boundaries. Read the full post here.
  • Be the Gateway Pre-Order Bonuses! (2/20/2017) - I’m excited to be able to share some incredibly useful bonuses when you pre-order the Be the Gateway by March 6th. Click here to review the bonuses, order your books, and then complete the form. Be the Gateway will be released on March 7th. Thanks! -Dan
  • Social media anxiety (2/10/2017) - Today I want to share practical advice on how to manage social media in order to reduce anxiety that you feel about it. I simply want you to feel empowered and intentional about social media, as opposed to overwhelmed and lost in a sea of chaos. At best, it should feel meaningful and fulfilling. I’ll […]
  • Success requires collaborators (2/3/2017) - If you have a creative vision that you hope finds an audience, I encourage you to identify collaborators that you can work with. Too often, writers and other creative professionals struggle with their craft alone. The reality: collaborators are an essential part of the creative process, and how inspired work reaches the world. Today I […]
  • My book (1/27/2017) - I’m excited to finally share details on my first book. It’s called: Be the Gateway: A Practical Guide to Sharing Your Creative Work and Engaging an Audience, and it will be released on March 7th. This book is the result of years of working one-on-one with creative professionals, and it takes you step-by-step through the […]
  • Creating work that matters (1/20/2017) - For the past several months, I have been writing and preparing to publish a book. At the same time, my family and I are preparing to welcome a new baby into our lives. The book is released in March and the baby arrives in April. Today, I want to talk about the process of creating […]