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Book Coach Q&A with Jennie Nash

I sat down with book coach Jennie Nash to run a Q&A session with writers. Jennie has many super powers, and on this call we discussed aspects of how to write a better book, how to manage your creative time, and the connection between audience engagement and writing.

Jennie gives brutally honest answers about what it takes to improve your craft and reach readers, and gives practical examples of what that looks like.

You can find Jennie at:


  • Barbara Boyd

    Thank you! This conversation with two of my favorite virtual mentors was filled with head-nodding, a-ha moments, and lots of laughter.

  • Good, helpful (and fun!) stuff. Thanks to you and Jennie, Dan.

  • mtr amg

    I watched the presentation and bought all the courses – you looked so professional Jennie – Do the Work! Got it!