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Create and Connect: The Justine Musk Interview

This week, I chatted with Justine Musk, author of dark urban fantasy novels, and blogger at TribalWriter.com who “explores what it means and how to be a soulful & savvy creative in the digital age.” You can find Justine on Twitter at @JustineMusk.

My goal is to share conversations with those doing interesting things in the world of publishing, media, and the web.

Click ‘play’ below to hear Justine’s thoughts on:

  • Why it is essential for writers to develop their online presence.
  • Why smart authors connect directly with their readers.
  • How to balance the emotional side of writing.
  • How blogging has helped her career.


  • Ien

    Thank you both so much! Dan, when you look back to see what you’ve created that’s of value, along with the other stuff you do, keep these interviews in mind.

    Anyone else that gets in the way of this ripple, do go check out Justine’s blog. Amazing stuff!