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Free Webinar: Why You Need an Author Platform

Too many writers publish books that do not get read. My friend Jane Friedman said something to me once that gave me chills:

“The most disappointed writers I know are not the unpublished writers, but those who have been published.”

What she means is that these writers were disappointed because after years of hard work, only a few dozen books were sold. That no one cared about their book.

Are you a writer who is passionate about your work, but find it difficult to build an audience? What you need is an author platform – a strategic way to communicate your purpose to the world and establish trust with those who can help make you a success.

This FREE 1-hour webinar explains the value of building an author platform, the biggest challenges to creating one, and some of the essential steps in the process. I will also be outlining the upcoming online course I am teaching: Build Your Author Platform.

My last webinar filled up, so please register early for this one which takes place on Thursday August 23rd at 3pm ET. You only need your web browser to attend.

There are limited spaces for this webinar, to reserve your spot, click here:


If you have any questions, please reach out to me at dan@danblank.com or 973-981-8882.

My Creative Shift Mastermind begins July 1, 2018. Join me and 10 others to finally find the clarity, community, accountability, and process to make create more, and ensure your work reaches an audience. Click here to learn more!

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