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Jenny Blake Interview – Book Marketing 101

I can’t even tell you how much fun it was to chat with Jenny Blake about – of all things (!) – a SPREADSHEET. Before you run away, I have to tell you, that if you are an author, it’s a *magical* spreadsheet.

Jenny created an amazing spreadhsheet titled: Book Marketing 15-Tab Master Spreadsheet

This spreadsheet shares tons of tips for authors to market their books. It’s free, you can grab it via the link above. So in the interview below, we dig into this spreadsheet, and Jenny shares the story of her journey in getting her book published.

Jenny is the author of Life After College: The Complete Guide to Getting What You Want. She blogs at LifeAfterCollege.org and you can find her on Twitter at @Jenny_Blake.

Here is our chat:

Thanks so much to Jenny for sharing all of this!


  • Colleen Lindsay

    LOVE this interview ,but was unable to download any of the templates via Google docs. Just keep getting an error message. Is there anyplace you host the Excel file versions of these?

    • Thanks Colleen! Were you able to see the spreadsheet in Google docs at least? I don’t think I ever downloaded it, I simply chose to “use this template” and it opened in my own Google docs. 

      • Colleen Lindsay

        Nope. I went to her website as well and tried to access some of the templates that way, but had the same problem.

        • Sending you the spreadsheet via email. Incoming!

    • I had to go into my account and set the settings first as I hadn’t ever used googles doc.  Try that.  Seems like you have to choose language and time zone and then I was able to download just fine.

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