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The Creative Shift Mastermind Series

Stop struggling alone with your creative work.

Experience the creative clarity to be productive, and the true connection to your audience you dream about.

I have developed a step-by-step system that solves the common pitfalls tripping up most people as they pursue their creative dreams.

This is a system to devote yourself to your craft and to ensure it has an impact on people’s lives. There are three essential components to making a creative shift from struggling to truly developing an audience for your work:

Each step is critical to the goal of creating work people love. Imagine how would it feel to:

  • Focus on your craft, with a clear sense of what you should do and how to do it.
  • Make the most of your productive time, even if your life is crazy busy.
  • Have a clear method to reach your ideal audience, focusing on authentic connections, not spammy marketing trends.

This program is for the writer, artist, or creative person who is finding it difficult to create amid life’s many responsibilities. It is for someone whose vision has become clouded by all the things they are told they “have to do,” but leaves them frustrated or overwhelmed. It is for someone who is ready to commit to themselves and their work.

I invite you to join me in a virtual mastermind where:

  • You join a small group of 10 creatives with goals similar to yours. They become your support system, your brainstorming partners, and the team of creative collaborators you have always dreamed of.
  • I guide you through a step-by-step program helping you make your creative shift. We attack one step each week.
  • You receive short daily videos — you see me and hear from me every single weekday.
  • You get access to me each day, and direct feedback on how you can move through your challenges to attain your creative goals.

This is a system I have honed for years. It provides you the essential ingredients missing from everything else you have tried: ACCESS and COLLABORATION.

This is like having a personal CREATIVE trainer show up at your door every single day.

All three Masterminds are run each quarter, so you get to choose where you begin:

  • Mastermind #1: Get total clarity in what you should be working on and why.
  • Mastermind #2: Establish power habits that make creating easy, enjoyable and exciting.
  • Mastermind #3: Reach your super fans and stay engaged with them.

Let me take you through the purpose of the mastermind:

The second video walks you through what the mastermind actually looks like:

If you are ready to find clarity in your work, develop a system to get it done, and reach your audience in a meaningful way, then this is for you.

It begins with a choice. You get to start at the place that is just right for you. Each Mastermind is a 3-month commitment.

  • Everyone needs clarity of the priorities in their work. If you don’t yet have that, click on “Craft My Creative Roadmap” below to learn about that 3-month program.
  • If you have clarity, but struggle to get your creative work done, click on “Build My Creative Power Habits” below.
  • If you have clarity and a solid system to get your work done, but struggle to reach people who truly love your work, click on “Find My First 10 Super Fans” below.

Take the next step towards your goals:

Craft My Creative Roadmap
Find My First 10 Super Fans

Need help deciding? Review each program above, and register for the one that you think fits you best. Complete the questionnaire you are sent, and my team will work with you to ensure that you begin in exactly the right mastermind.