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My Creative Shift

Last week, without warning, I lost a client. It seems they had a surprise medical bill, and just like that, I was down a client. It’s scary. It means that part-way into the month, I just lost a big chunk of revenue that can’t be replaced. That revenue is all that supports my family. It […] Read More

Join me in the Creative Shift Mastermind

Someone emailed me the other day, saying, “I am sick of the “systems” and funnels everyone is using. I want to do something authentic and unique.” What she was referencing was how she has a vision for her creative work, but when it comes to marketing, she is overwhelmed by advice. This advice is sold […] Read More

The Poseur Test

Have you ever felt like a total fraud with your creative work? Like a poseur who wants to be known as a writer or artist or for their ideas, but worries that you don’t live up to that identity? If you have, boy are you not alone. I grew up as an artist, my friends […] Read More

When will it get easier?

There has been a quote ringing in my head for awhile now: “Not only does it not get any easier, it actually gets harder.” That is from Dani Shapiro, reflecting on on the desire that nearly every writer and artist has. When you are working so hard to try to create work you can be […] Read More