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The Gateway Mastermind

When I reached out to an author who had been a part of a previous session of my mastermind program, to tell her about the next one, this was her reply: "I’m very pleased to tell you, because of your guidance, I’m way too busy connecting with my audience over the next three months, to join […] Read More

How I wrote, published, and marketed my book

This week, an author sent me a note telling me about a decision she made: "I'm committing to take my writing from a hobby to my work. It is scary and exciting all at once. Each day I work to open my heart and silence the doubts, and more importantly, I write." I replied to […] Read More

The threshold

Today is the publication date for my book, Be the Gateway. You can now buy it on Amazon. If you would consider purchasing it and leaving a review, that would mean so much to me. Something I have been thinking a lot about this month is the word “threshold.” With my book coming out and […] Read More

How can I help you?

I would genuinely like to know, what advice can I provide to help you better share your creative work and reach your audience? Reply below (or via email) and let me know. I will be spending March sharing as much advice I can via videos, online events, social media, and through email. I want to […] Read More

Embrace your boundaries

In my latest guest post for Writer Unboxed, I discuss how having clear boundaries can HELP you gain momentum in three key areas: Your writing and creative work Publishing and sharing Engaging an audience Boundaries are a gift to your creative work. Embrace your boundaries. Read the full post here […] Read More