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The two things I advise for any book launch

I hung up this quote on the wall of my studio this week: So many writers and artists I speak to are crushed by the weight of all the things they are told they “must do” in order to succeed. They are drowning in information. There is a constant barrage of webinars, courses, Facebook ads, […] Read More

Distracted by Art

This week I asked a group of writers and artists about their biggest distractions — the thing keeping them from working on their craft. I called these distractions “cave trolls” because they stand between the artist and their creative vision. Again and again, I heard about the distraction of the internet, and of how hard […] Read More

What platform really means, today

Something special happened this week. My book reached the milestone of receiving 50 reviews on Amazon, with an average rating of 5 stars: Someone asked: “How did you do this?” It was a difficult question to consider. In many ways, the honest answer is, “I didn’t. Generous readers have supported me and my work. They […] Read More

3 Essential Ingredients of Successful Creative Work

In the past couple of weeks, two podcasts interviewed me about how I balance family and my creative work. You can listen to those conversations here: My interview with Mom Writes (Episode 4): “Dan Blank, author of Be the Gateway, walks us through his work day- including his particular strategies of time blocking and energy […] Read More

My Creative Shift

Last week, without warning, I lost a client. It seems they had a surprise medical bill, and just like that, I was down a client. It’s scary. It means that part-way into the month, I just lost a big chunk of revenue that can’t be replaced. That revenue is all that supports my family. It […] Read More