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Get Creative Clarity

Dan BlankWhat if you could:

  • Understand who your ideal audience is.
  • Know exactly how to reach them.
  • Develop practices to guarantee you create each week.
  • Have a support system of other writers and artists.
  • Level up your creative business.

Too often, people rush into marketing without first finding clarity on what they want to create and who they hope to reach. The result? They flounder, jumping from one marketing trend to the next, each one with results that leave them feeling disappointed.

My name is Dan Blank. Writers and artists come to me, confused about how to ensure their work truly reaches people. I tell them this: Getting the attention of your ideal audience begins with CREATIVE CLARITY.

Creative Clarity

People work with me when they want a nurturing, safe place to ask themselves hard questions. To make tough decisions and challenge their assumptions. To double down on what matters and say “yes” to their creative vision with vigor.

The biggest mistake they make? Waiting too long to delve into this work.

When you get CREATIVE CLARITY, everything changes.

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