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10 Simple Steps to Steady Blogging

Do you struggle to keep up with consistently posting to your blog, email newsletter, or even a podcast? Let’s solve that once and for all, right now. I’m going to share the 10 simple steps that will create an easily manageable system for your blog. This is what I have learned after helping people launch […] Read More

Can You Have a Platform Without Social Media? Yes.

This past week a writer shared with me a familiar challenge: “Publishers and agents expect authors to have a strong social media presence. I’ve taken seminars and workshops about social media. I feel like I understand how to do it, but I just don’t enjoy it.” Today I would like to explain why I feel […] Read More

The two things I advise for any book launch

I hung up this quote on the wall of my studio this week: So many writers and artists I speak to are crushed by the weight of all the things they are told they “must do” in order to succeed. They are drowning in information. There is a constant barrage of webinars, courses, Facebook ads, […] Read More

Distracted by Art

This week I asked a group of writers and artists about their biggest distractions — the thing keeping them from working on their craft. I called these distractions “cave trolls” because they stand between the artist and their creative vision. Again and again, I heard about the distraction of the internet, and of how hard […] Read More