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A little bit of joy

A friend of mine told me how she is expanding her art business by placing her illustrations on new products, such as notepads or mugs. But she had a concern: "I'm not inspired by making more stuff the clutter the world." I asked her about her experiments with notepads, and she explained how people loved […] Read More

Coping with negativity

Something I have been thinking about this week is how negativity clouds positivity in your creative work. Let's say you are an author, and 1,000 things are going well for you: you have a good writing habit, you are working on publishing your book, you are slowly developing an audience, and you feel that your […] Read More

What is your creative intention?

The older I get, the more often people tell me how quickly time passes. They bemoan how fast this year flew by, as if their dreams are slipping away because time is speeding up. They tell me that I will blink and my 6 year old will be 18, as if the things we care […] Read More

Join me

I have 5 slots open for a personal mastermind with me, and I want to tell you about it. This is a tiny group -- 15 people total -- and is 100% focused on engagement (with me, and with others in the group.) It's called the Creative Action Mastermind, and it runs from January 1st to […] Read More

Finding focus to create more

If you are a writer or creative professional who works on your craft at home, I want to share my best advice on how to do so. I want to help you find more focus amidst the many distractions you face every single day. This is everything I have learned through: Working from home full-time […] Read More