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Beth McMullen“Dan provided a framework and roadmap to help me move beyond my inaction and panic, to develop my platform and grow my readership.”
– Beth McMullen, author of Mrs. Smith’s Spy School for Girls

Joseph Finder“Dan Blank is a savvy strategist whose insights really helped me to stay much better connected to my readers and spread the word about my books.”
– Joseph Finder, New York Times bestselling author of The SwitchThe Fixer, Paranoia, and Buried Secrets

“Dan is the best kind of guide in that he helped me find one simple thing: how to be me. Whether I’m tweeting, speaking or posting, I now know why I’m doing it. That leaves more time for writing.”
– Claire Cameron, author of the The Last Neanderthal and The Bear: A Novel

Too often, people rush into marketing their books or creative work without first finding clarity on who they hope to reach. The result? They flounder, jumping from one marketing trend to the next, each one with results that leave them feeling disappointed.

My name is Dan Blank. Writers and artists come to me, confused about how to ensure their work truly reaches people. I tell them this: Getting the attention of your ideal audience begins with CREATIVE CLARITY.

You are told that in order to succeed, you need a website, newsletter, social media and the like.

It’s not true.

What you need is clarity on what you create, how to do it, and how to ensure it reaches your ideal audience of readers and supporters. Without these things, all the social media updates in the world won’t help you.

To get CREATIVE CLARITY, you need to:

GIVE YOURSELF PERMISSION TO CREATE. Not only that, but you have to accept that the world needs what you create. That you are ready to be seen and heard as a creator.

PUT CRAFT FIRST. Not trends, not rushing to for the easy “like” on social media. Your growth as a writer and artist relies on the mastery of your skills.

FILL YOUR CREATIVE WELL. Your most important resource is creative energy. Not time, not access, not money, but having the energy to create. Keep this well full. Become a student of your own physical and mental health needs. Identify ways to feel more healthy as you grow, instead of more overwhelmed by all that life asks of you.

UNDERSTAND WHO YOU HOPE TO REACH. This is not some vague demographic. It is a real person with a name, a face, a lifetime of experiences, and someone searching for what you create.

CONNECT TO A PERSON, NOT AN AUDIENCEConnecting your work to others should be a process of deep connection, not one of trying to amass faceless followers, judging your success on likes and reshares. It is about connecting through writing and art, and how that changes someone.

These are some of the wonderful writers and artists I’ve worked with recently to help them create more and ensure their work reaches their ideal audience:


The biggest mistake writers and artists make? Waiting too long to delve into this work. When you get CREATIVE CLARITY, everything changes.

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