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Announcing My New Mastermind Program

If you could make one thing happen next year for your writing or your art, what would it be? When I ask this of people I meet, I tend to hear one of three answers: “I want to know exactly what I should be creating and have a clear plan of how to do it.” […] Read More

The Opportunity to Create

Every day, we each have the opportunity to not just consume, but to create. We can each make the choice to double down on a creative vision, and spend a few moments writing, drawing, crafting, or performing. I encourage you to create every day. This year I spent a lot of time on personal reflection with […] Read More

The Success Path for Writers & Artists

For the past few years I have dug deep into researching what it takes to find success with your craft. How writers, artists, and other creative professionals can go from just dabbling with their work, to realizing their full potential, and changing other people’s lives. Today I want to share what I have been learning. […] Read More

10 Simple Steps to Steady Blogging

Do you struggle to keep up with consistently posting to your blog, email newsletter, or even a podcast? Let’s solve that once and for all, right now. I’m going to share the 10 simple steps that will create an easily manageable system for your blog. This is what I have learned after helping people launch […] Read More