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The solution to overwhelm

This week, Joanna Penn shared an interview with me in her podcast. Within it, we cover a lot: Is platform still as important as it used to be? How to identify who your ideal readers are. How does paid advertising fit into a book launch? Is it mandatory? Lots more! One listener graciously responded this […] Read More

Join my mastermind group!

I’m offering an opportunity to work with me personally through a three-month mastermind program that will focus on finding your ideal audience and publicly sharing your creative work.  You will join a group of no more than 9 other creative people, a group size where you can be focused 100% on engagement (with me, and with others in the group.) It runs from July 1st […] Read More

Inside BookExpo: How Publishers Promote Books

Today I want to showcase the variety of ways that publishers promote books within the publishing industry. I will share with you what I saw this week at BookExpo, a trade show held each year that is open only to those in the publishing industry. I want to make a big point here: publishers use […] Read More

Place a bet on yourself

When will you give up on yourself? On your dream of becoming a successful writer, or being known in another creative field? Will it happen all at once? Will there be a day where you “declare” that you are giving up? Or will it happen slowly, one missed opportunity at a time? One missed writing […] Read More