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What Authors Can Learn From Michael Hyatt’s Book Launch

This week Michael Hyatt is launching his new book called PLATFORM, and offering some great bonuses if you buy it this week. I want to take a look at two aspects of his book launch in order to illustrate the powerful things Michael is doing, and how other authors can learn from it.

You can learn more about Michael’s book here: http://michaelhyatt.com/platform

I also talk about similar themes in a blog post I wrote about Eric Ries’ goal to become a New York Times Best Seller.


  • Nice video, and totally agree. the prestige it comes with can far outweigh the initial investment. It’s a also a great promotion, and the books looks great. Another one on my reading list 🙂 It’s getting rather ling ha

    Matt (Turndog Millionaire)

    • Thanks Matt! Indeed… in an age where people are bemoaning the “death” of books, my reading list is longer than ever!

  • Thanks for this analysis, Dan. You are dead-on. 😉

    I hope you enjoy the book!

    • Wow – thank you so much Michael! Looking forward to reaching the book.

      • Having read the book Dan, I can introduce you to your first “wow” experience. This is just one aspect of the book that I loved and I enjoy seeing in action here. Having the author pop in to say hi is just one way you will be wowed by this experience. There is more to come! I promise! 

  • Tammyhelfrich

    The book is great. Great post!

  • This is such an awesome and helpful book, especially for authors, and speakers, it’s a must read!

    • Thanks – can’t wait to get it.

  • “Trust built in the process…” I believe this feeling carries throughout the book and his interaction with his fans. I enjoyed your views.

  • Anonymous

    Nice!  I’m amazed that you’ve posted this without the book.  You won’t be disappointed… it really is that good!

  • Katherine Harms

    Trust, service, integrity — these themes play out throughout the book. As Michael says at the end of the book, it is not necessary to sell your soul in order to sell your book. Every author needs this book. Too bad every author can’t be part of a team like this, too.

  • Pilar Arsenec

    This book is just outstanding!!

  • Scott Place

    It was a very interesting case study to be a part of from the inside!

    • Thanks Scott. I assume you are on his launch team?

  • Great video and analysis Dan. The book and tools are amazing. I was fortunate enough to be part of the launch team which has been a great adventure so far.