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What Is Your Biggest Challenge As a Writer?

Most writers I know have a laundry list of challenges. They try to balance their home life, work life, and writing life, hopefully finding fulfillment with each.

Over coffee and drinks, they tell me where they fall short. Over Skype and through courses, they tell me where they fall short. These conversations are not indications of failure, because, you know, that is life. Every day, we fall short by some measure. But unless we identify and address these issues, how can we improve and each lead the lives we want as writers?

So I created a short 4 question survey to learn more about your challenges as a writer. If you have a moment, I would GREATLY appreciate your feedback and insight:


I am creating several resources for writers that will launch this Fall, and couldn’t be more excited about them. Your answers to the survey will be used to craft these resources ensuring they help other writers in addressing their challenges.


  • Dan,
    I took the short survey and can’t wait to see the results. I thought it was weird to see content from you on a Tuesday.
    – Drew

  • I took a short survey. Wonder where this is going.

    • Thanks Ashen. As I develop new resources for writers and determine which topics to write about on this blog, I always like getting direct feedback from writers to ensure I am focusing on the right topics.

  • Jhoug58

    I signed up for Blogging 101, start date 08/23, and looking forward to it!