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Why I Share My Cell Phone Number On My Website

The other day I received a phone call. I was in a hotel in Boston, and the person on the other end of the line was surprised that I actually picked up the phone. Before he even introduced himself, he said “Dan, you are brave.” He was referring to my choice to put my cell phone number out there on my website. That to be that accessible can be a real risk.

In this video, I explore the value of choosing to be accessible, and share a couple other examples of others who have done so.

This is a choice that should be proactive – that you choose how closely you want to connect with others.


  • I love this idea, in theory, but honestly, I feel like I’d open myself up to the weirdos of the world. I shut down my Google + account because of the overwhelming amount of requests and inquiries from questionable or downright creepy people, and I have to block or reject so many people on Twitter and Facebook on almost a daily basis. Perhaps it might be different for women than men. I really wish this wasn’t so. I would love to connect with other writers and professionals this way.

    • Thanks Erika,
      I do wonder how this level of accessibly may differ between men and women in general, and then OF COURSE, based on different situations or goals. I definitely tried to make it clear in the video that this is NOT a decision I encourage everyone to make as I did. Thanks for the comment.