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Writer Mastermind

Why do Weight Watchers and Alcoholics Anonymous work? Because it is more likely to accomplish difficult goals when you work with others instead of struggling by yourself.

You are a writer looking to grow your audience, and to put a solid backbone behind the business side of your writing career. The Writer Mastermind is where serious authors gather to accomplish their goals.

This is a vetted community of writers who have graduated from my Author Mastermind course, published authors, active members of writing communities, self-published authors, and those who are motivated and out there DOING, not making excuses.

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The Benefits of Joining Us:
There is so much talk online of thousands of tips to help grow your writing career. But here, we share not only the tips, but form the relationships you need to reach your goals as a writer. I have taught hundreds of writers via online courses and in-person workshops. Relationships are critical for success. That is the core of the Mastermind, along with a constant stream of ideas on marketing, author platform, time management, and how to best manage your writing career.

What you get…

Access to a private online forum filled with experienced writers. Here, you can ask questions 24/7 and get answers, ideas, and support. I will provide direct coaching via the forum, sharing tips and feedback to questions. The forum will have a full-time moderator as well, someone his their to support members and ensure everyone’s needs are being met. In the online courses I teach which cost hundreds of dollars, the forum is easily 50% of the value. An incredible bargain to have this resource every single day.

Monthy webinars addressing critical topics in growing your author platform and increasing the size of your audience. Every month, I will share an hour-long webinar digging deep into a topic that is important to the group. Other companies charge upwards of $80 just for a webinar, but in the Writer Mastermind, you get one per month included in the low fee.

Weekly email prompts and recaps from the forum. I know many of you are busy, and you may be concerned about checking a forum every day. This is why we will be sharing the best content from the forum in a weekly email, plus any needed commentary from me. It gets delivered right to your inbox – making it super easy to get the most out of the Mastermind with the least amount of effort.

The Cost:
The normal price is $29.99 per month, but I am offering access to you at an early-bird rate of $19.99 per month. This is a 33% discount, and will be locked in month after month. You will never pay more than $19.99, even when the price goes up, and the price will go up to newer members.

To join us, register here:

If you would like more information on what is in the Mastermind, please view this video:

To join us, register here: