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Writers And Social Media: “Do I Have To?”

A writer I am working with expressed to me how they don’t enjoy meeting other people, and think social media is a waste of time. So they asked “how little engagement on Facebook and Twitter is good enough to get me a book deal?”

My answer, explained in the video above, is that they need to rethink their goals, and the story they tell themselves about social media.


  • Dja1701

    I have to agree with your client. I started using Facebook about a year ago, and I have yet to see a “conversation”. I see people posting jokes, minutia about themselves, or self promotional links. Few of my friends, if any, ever seem to read what I post. 

    • Christina Meehan

       Hi DJA1701. After reading your comment, I’d say that you’re not connecting with your audience on Facebook (assuming you’re using FB for business purposes).  You need to determine where your audience is online – Twitter, FB, Pinterest, etc., and then start those conversations.  Hope that helps.