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Writers: Make It Easy For People To Connect With You

I was just on a website trying to reach out to an author, using the “contact me” form they supplied. As I hit “submit,” it became obvious that the form was broken. No matter which web browser I used, or how I filled out the form, it wouldn’t submit.

Invariably, I find that “contact me” forms are the least reliable way to reach an author. So today, I want to explore this topic, and the potential negative effects of making it hard for others to reach you.


  • Daniel

    My Contact Me page includes my email address, and my yahoo instant messenger  ID (YIM). I think in the last 4 years, only 2 people have contacted me through YIM after viewing my web site.

    • Interesting! Nice you put it out there though. 

  • Interesting Dan

    I was thinking of going with an contact form, but with my email and number available above. I’m like you when it comes to transparency, but feel placing an option is good.

    The idea of it being another barrier is interesting though.

    Matt (Turndog Millionaire)

    • Hi Matt,
      Sometimes too many options can be confusing. So a clear path puts fewer speed bumps between you and your audience.