Dan Blank

The 8-Week Reader Engagement Plan for Writers

Writers: what if you knew exactly how to present yourself to the world, what to share online that would attract your ideal audience, and how to fit it into your busy life? With this kind of clarity, you can finally share your writing in a manner that truly reaches readers.

In working with authors full-time for 13 years, I have found that successful authors are those who start with clarity, knowing how to communicate what they write about, why they write, and why readers should spread the word.

In this 8-week self-paced program, you will learn how to clearly define yourself as a writer in a manner that is compelling to readers. This will open up big possibilities for how you engage readers, grow your author platform, share your writing, and launch your books.

This is a beta program, the first time I am offering my system in this more accessible manner.

This is what you will achieve week-by-week:

Week 1:
Clarify Your Mission & Message

Know how to confidently communicate what you write and why. You will work through my Clarity Cards and Key Messages processes. You end up with:

  • A simple, clear, and authentic way to describe who you are and what you create.
  • A list of 5 specific themes that your writing and creative work embodies and explores.
  • A completed pyramid of Clarity Cards to display in your home or office, which will be a daily reminder of your creative goals.

Week 2:
Define Yourself as a Writer

Define exactly how to describe who you are and what you create. You will use my template for crafting your bio for a website, social media, and other uses. You will end up with:

  • A completed 5-paragraph bio for your website.
  • A 1-paragraph bio to use in bylines and pitches.
  • A 1-sentence bio to use on your social media profiles.

Week 3:
Know Exactly What to Share

Whether it is on social media, newsletters, podcasts or elsewhere, know what to share that feels authentic to who you are, and aligned to your writing. You will use my Content Menu template to identify how to easily define what to share. You will end up with:

  • A list of 5 content types that will define what you will share online that draws people to what you create.
  • Define the primary channel you will share online.
  • Know the exact frequency to post content in this channel.

Week 4:
Unlock your Ability to Create

Never again worry about what you should post online, or if you will run out of ideas. You will use my Content Brainstorm system to come up with dozens – to hundreds –  of ideas at will. You will end up with:

  • 25+ specific ideas for what to share online.
  • A process to continuously add to to these ideas so you are never unsure of what to share.

Week 5:
Learn How to Share Strategically and Frequently

Be able to share online more frequently with less effort. You will use my Editorial Calendar template to establish a consistent yet simple schedule that works across any channels you are on.

  • A completed yearlong calendar of what to share in every season.
  • A repeatable process for what to share each week, each month, each year.

Week 6:
Give Yourself Permission to Share

Challenge your assumptions for what you have permission to share, by studying those who inspire you, and integrating that inspiration into your own process. You will learn my Models for Success process. You will end up with:

  • A list of 5 people who resonate deeply with you, and illustrate how you can share authentically and strategically.
  • A defined list of boundaries which define what you will share, and what you won’t share.
  • Specific phrases you will use to share with authority and honesty.

Week 7:
Craft Your Public Voice and Visual Style

Here you will find a comfortable manner to put yourself out there, defining what you will and won’t share, and how to find a way to be public that feels authentic and safe for sharing words, images, and videos. You will end up with:

  • A completed style guide that defines all visuals for what you share online, and how to apply this to any channel that you will share on (newsletter, website, social media, etc.)
  • The specific colors you will use in your platform.
  • 3 templates to reuse again and again.

Week 8:
Find the Time (and Energy) to Share

Solve how you can find the time and energy to share, even amidst your otherwise busy life. You will learn tricks that can be used to share more with less effort. We also dig into how to share when you are an introvert or have social anxiety. Here we break through the overwhelm to find comfort and joy in being public with your writing. You will end up with:

  • A completed energy audit so that you know exactly how to get more done in less time.
  • A weekly schedule that will unlock more time.
Dan Blank

My name is Dan Blank, and I help writers develop a human-centered approach to marketing and reaching their readers. I have worked with thousands of writers, and watched how my system has created momentum and growth in how they share their writing, establish their author platform, and grow their readership.

I believe that writers have this magical ability to create stories and help others. Connecting their work to people in an authentic manner is an imperative that makes life better for everyone. For the past 13 years, I have worked full-time with thousands of writers and creators.

How It Works:

  • You receive access to 8 weeks of written and video lessons. You immediately get access to all material when you register.
  • Each week provides specific tasks to take.
  • A time commitment of 1-hour each week is recommended.
  • This program is 100% focused on helping you make progress quickly.
  • There are three options to work through this material, see below.


You receive immediate access all the lessons, which you will move through self-paced. At the end of each week, you can share your progress and challenges with Dan via an accountability form. He will share encouragement via email, but not specific customized ideas or feedback. Sharing your progress and feeling seen is a critical way to build momentum through this work!


Lessons + Feedback

You receive access to all lessons, plus you will receive weekly videos from Dan about your progress and answering your questions. At the end of each week, you will share your progress, challenges, and questions with Dan via a form, and Dan will share a personalized video back to you with ideas, answers, and more. These videos will be packed with practical steps to take 100% personalized to you.


Lessons + Support

You receive immediate access to all lessons, the personalized weekly videos, and Dan works with you through all the material, providing feedback, sharing ideas, and ensuring you make progress. In addition, you will have four 40-minute calls with him. You also receive access to a shared strategy template that Dan uses, and where he will be able to see your work and collaborate with you. This is like having a co-pilot at every step, where you get the maximum amount of support creating and implementing your plan.



Lessons + Feedback

Lessons + Support

All lessons

Accountability Check-Ins and Reminders

Progress and Challenge Questionnaire

Weekly Video Feedback From Dan

Bi-Weekly Calls With Dan

Dan Works With You Through All Material

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