Build a Better Book Launch: Essential Steps to Take Way Before Publication Day

Dan Blank

Learn my system to prepare to launch your book long before publication day!

Join me for a workshop that will help you understand the nuances of how to be public as an author, develop your platform, and prepare for your book launch, even if that is far in the future.

  • Live event: Friday February 16, 2024, at 12:30pm ET
  • Full recording provided to all who register
  • $49

In this workshop, we are digging into practical strategies and tactics for how to establish your platform as a writer and prepare for a book launch. This information is critical whether your book launch is weeks away, or years away. It is common for me to begin working with writers on this a year or more  before the publication of their book.

I have worked full-time with writers for more than 13 years. I will share the processes I use every day with novelists, memoir writers, and nonfiction authors to create a clear plan for sharing their work with readers. This applies to writers regardless of the publishing path you take, whether it is indie, hybrid, or traditionally published books.

This session will be packed with actionable strategies, clear examples, and advice that comes from in-the-trenches experience with writers.

Build a Better Book Launch

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • When to develop your public presence as an author, and why this matters.
  • The essential ingredients to your author platform to get right, and what you can forget about.
  • How social media has changed, and how I recommend you consider using it as a writer.
  • Ways to identify the goals of your book launch, and learn how to work towards them before you even have a publication date.
  • How to create your book launch plan, and what it should include.
  • How to understand your ideal readers right now, where they show up, and what engages them.
  • Why the year after your book is published is so important, and so often overlooked by writers.

I will also answer your questions in a full Q&A session. Every question asked will get answered.

If you can’t make the live event, don’t worry! You will receive a recording after the event. All recordings are accessible for 30 days after the event so you have time to review again and again and take action.

Access to everything listed above costs $49. The live workshop will take place on Friday February 16, 2024, at 12:30pm ET. I will present for around 60 minutes, and then answer questions in Q&A for what I assume may be an additional 30 minutes.

In working with writers for so long, I have come to believe information alone will not help you reach your goals, which is why I am offering other ways to ensure you take action and get the help you need by getting direct feedback from me.

Choose one of these three options:

Workshop + Q&A

  • Workshop
  • Live Q&A
  • Recording

You get access to the live workshop, where I will present for about an hour, followed by a live Q&A. You can ask questions via the live chat with all of the other attendees. Since I know many people often can’t make a live event, I will be sending out the video replay soon after the live event.


Workshop + Q&A + Feedback

  • Workshop
  • Live Q&A
  • Recording
  • Personalized Recommendations via Video

Here you get everything from the previous package (Workshop + Q&A), plus direct private feedback from me about your goals and challenges. I will send you a questionnaire to fill out, and then provide  specific recommendations delivered to you via a private video, likely 10 minutes in length or so. This is shared only with you.


(only 10 spots available!)

Workshop + Q&A + Feedback + Call

  • Workshop
  • Live Q&A
  • Recording
  • Personalized Recommendations via Video
  • A 30-Minute Call with Dan

Here you receive everything from the first two packages, plus you will also have a 30-minute phone call with me where you can ask additional questions, and I will provide feedback and ideas to you. This is where my advice tends to be much more personalized and focused on your specific challenges and goals.


(only 5 spots available!)

Dan Blank

My name is Dan Blank, and I help writers develop a human-centered approach to marketing and reaching their readers. I have worked with thousands of writers, and watched how my system has created momentum and growth in how they share their writing, establish their author platform, and grow their readership.

I believe that writers have this magical ability to create stories and help others. Connecting their work to people in an authentic manner is an imperative that makes life better for everyone. For the past 13 years, I have worked full-time with thousands of writers and creators.

What Writers Are Saying About Dan’s Workshops

“Writers are continually being told you need to go viral or you need to get a big post to sell books. It makes marketing very stressful. This workshop reminded me that it’s about content and relationships, not just on Substack but on the all social media platforms I’m on. Knowing how to focus my actions like this will save me a lot of stress and make my online presence more productive.”
– Barbara Wallace

“Having used both Mailchimp and Constant Contact some years ago, I came away convinced that Substack was the platform that best suits my needs today. Dan explained every aspect of the setup and operation – for me he took away the fear of change, and showed me a better way. Whether you’re launching your first newsletter or simply looking to transfer to a new one, Dan covers it all. Very comprehensive.”
– Carol Malzone

“Dan, in his friendly, approachable manner, gives an introduction into what Substack looks like on the inside, including how other creatives use it – which makes it feel safe for those of us who are easily overwhelmed. His ideas on what we might write about and focus on those new to newsletter writing in general helped me knock down the barriers to getting started.”
– Nita Collins

“What Dan shares is so pragmatic, and he shows you how easy the switch to Substack can be. He got me excited, and I’ve already taken so many actions to improve my newsletter.”
– Dawn Downey

“Dan provides an accessible way into Substack, with solid suggestions on how to get started, introduction to the available tools, how it can grow your community and connections, and finally the big revelation….you can get paid to write! He makes Substack easier.”
– Anny Rusk

“Dan makes me feel as though I can do new things even though they are scary. Until this workshop, digging into Substack felt scary to me, even though I experienced with newsletters on another platform already. Dan makes it really easy to understand what Substack is and how it works.”
– Cara Finnegan

“This workshop was an excellent value. Dan has a great approach and shared so many useful ideas in a relaxed manner.”
– Fleur Bradley

“I recommend Dan’s workshop to anyone considering a newsletter. He’s highly knowledgeable and presents in a friendly manner. Loved the workshop!”
– Patricia Tucker

“I would recommend this workshop as one of the first steps in starting a newsletter. I appreciated Dan’s consistent, down-to-earth, and heart-centered messaging.”
– Sherry Killam

“Throughout the workshop, I kept thinking: ‘this is so logical and helpful!’ The ideas Dan shares will surprise you, there are so many gems.”
– Christine DeSmet

“Dan made this entire process feel really attainable. The workshop shares information in a manner that was clear and not at all intimidating. It gave me lots of ideas!”
– Fran Mason

“If you are looking for more than just a newsletter but an alternative and welcoming social community to engage readers and writers, check out Dan’s workshop on Substack.”
– Monica Cox

“Dan helped me create my Substack newsletter! He gave step-by-step instructions, and was clear about the pros and cons, as well as how to grow my audience.”
– Gina Monaco

“This workshop provided all the information you need to start a newsletter on Substack. Dan clearly shared the benefits, and provided useful tips for coming up with ideas for your content.”
– Deborah Bayer

“If you want a terrific newsletter on Substack or anywhere else, this workshop provides great and actionable information.”
– Lynn H. Wyvil

“A terrific overview to the role and importance of a newsletter in an author’s career, with an emphasis on using Substack. I had so many takeaways from this – the workshop was very well thought out and comprehensive.”
– Celine Keating

“This workshop was a great place to start with your email newsletter, and not be overwhelmed. I liked how all of Dan’s suggestions aligned with his human-centered approach to sharing your writing.”
– Janice Kehler

“This workshop will help you understand how an email newsletter might benefit you and what is required to create and maintain one. There were so many great takeaways!”
– Rochelle  Broder-Singer

“Dan convinced me to switch to Substack. He’s incredibly knowledgeable and the presentation was engaging.”
– Lynn Stewart

“If you’ve considered starting a newsletter, this workshop will give you a great foundation and motivation.”
– Leigh Gray

“If you’re interested in setting up a Substack newsletter, this workshop gives you what you need to understand the platform and get going. Dan provided practical tips to set up a newsletter and grow your readership.”
– Susan J Tweit

“If you don’t yet have a newsletter, or you have one but know it needs work, the workshop is a rich source of ideas and information to get you started (or get you revamping).”
– Dianna Sinovic

“I’ve been considering a newsletter for a few years, but really needed something fairly intuitive. This workshop was the kick in the butt I needed to take the plunge!Dan’s built his business by helping writers — let him help you take the first step. You’ll be off and running before you know it.”
– Melanie Marttila

“You can always expect a workshop by Dan Blank to be overflowing with practical information, but also inspiring and encouraging. He always makes me believe I can do this stuff. I’m full of excitement for my newsletter!”
– Judy Reeves

“If you are curious about Substack, and want to understand it inside and out, this is a great workshop. Dan’s enthusiasm made this seem easy and do-able.”
– LuLu Johnson

“Dan’s workshop is packed with actionable information, all of which should help disperse any fears and hesitation you have to growing your email newsletter.”
– John Walker

“This workshop was very informative! Dan shared his 18+ years worth of knowledge and experience writing newsletters, and offered helpful advice for both new and veteran newsletter writers.”
– Colleen Olle

“Dan clarifies the value, illustrates the process, and alleviates the anxiety of stepping into the unknown. He made me feel at ease about setting up my Substack newsletter, and the value it may bring.”
– Sharon Skinner

“I appreciated getting a behind-the-scenes, under-the-hood type of look at Substack newsletters. Dan’s workshop provided lots of good information and actionable ideas.”
– Wendy Kennar

“Goodness, I took pages and pages of notes! Some of the how-tos with Substack were very helpful for a newbie. I appreciated the insights about frequency, content, and making it sustainable.”
– Barb Mayes Boustead

“If you want to know how to develop a newsletter and be successful with it, take this workshop!”
– Kim Zach

“It’s a wealth of valuable information, presented by a very warm and knowledgeable expert!”
– Sue Granzella

“Dan keeps the human element in the picture and is great at clarifying issues related to sharing one’s creative output with others.”
– Larry F. Sommers

“This workshop was full of incredible content, and Dan was generous in his presentation. This couldn’t be more valuable — highly recommended to anyone who wants to start or grow their Substack newsletter.”
– Judith Fetterley

“Dan’s workshop was filled with value! He shares how a Substack newsletter can transform an author’s reach and impact.”
– Robin Blackburn McBride

“The workshop is an A to Z overview of Substack for beginners to those already using it. Dan shared so many aspects of Substack that I wasn’t aware of.”
– Monica Cardoza

“Dan’s workshop was fantastic! I get easily bored by these kinds of things as I’ve been writing and blogging for a while and I found LOTS of interesting ideas his your talk. Dan’s approach, manner and delivery were engaging and encouraging.”
– Katrin Schumann

“Dan Blank is the bomb! Okay, more than that. Basically, the workshop was clear, validating, and encouraging. Dan has a way of making all of it feel entirely manageable. What’s more: he made Substack feel like the community I’ve been waiting for as a writer — like we’re all in this together.”
– Maria Hanley

“As always, a wealth of information from Dan! This workshop is clear, easily comprehensible, and includes practical, relevant steps to take when approaching your author newsletter.”
– Susan Cabael

“Dan’s workshop opened up a whole new world of possibilities for how I communicate with my readers. I had heard about Substack but didn’t really understand how it was different than what is already out there. Dan clearly and concisely described what it was good for and what it was not good for and then proceeded to unfurl the many gifts of this new format. I left the workshop with so many new ideas. Things I had wondered about just fell into place, like a puzzle coming together. This workshop will lead you to action. I immediately made of list of next steps and am carrying them out one by one. Dan is a great teacher and so personable in his approach. He opened doors that I might have been fearful to enter without his guidance.”
– Marilyn Kay Hagar

“While Watching Dan Blank’s workshop on launching my Substack, I kept thinking ‘Is this for real? How did I stumble on this GOLDMINE?’ Dan took a complex and overwhelming process and made it understandable and doable! Dan has a kind teaching approach that I appreciated. He is straightforward and gets right to the basics. Within a day of watching his workshop, I had my Substack account set up, had my themes figured out, and felt much more confident in my launch! I cannot thank Dan enough for his guidance and encouragement.”
-Rachel Macy Stafford

“I’ve been a big fan of Dan for the last few years, mostly through his newsletter but lately he’s taken my fandom to a whole new level by offering valuable and reasonably priced workshops. I found his recent online workshop of Substack to be one of the best yet. He crammed so much into the allotted time and then provided a recording of it so I could rewatch it more slowly and take notes. I feel certain my readers will also be recipients of his wisdom through what I’ve learned and applied. Thanks, Dan.”
– Brad Swift

“Dan Blank’s workshop on Substack is an essential start to anyone’s use of Substack. He walks you through it step by step and also provides best practices on using Susstack. This includes site creation, suggestions on gaining an audience and pointers on making it a sustainable platform upon which to “sell your stuff.”
– Bill Truran

“Dan Blank’s Substack Workshop has been one of the most valuable quick dives into Substack I have taken. He gives you concrete ideas and practical steps to grow your Substack.”
– Reta S Hampton

“The workshop was exactly what I needed as someone just starting out on Substack. Learning a new platform can be challenge but with Dan’s guidance it was easy to get myself started on the right track. I highly recommend this workshop for anyone looking to start or expand their own creative space.”
– Matthew Long

“Dan Blank’s workshop on Substack breaks down the essential value of using this platform to widen the exposure to your writing and how to build community in its ranks.”
– Susan Wands

“Dan’s engaged knowledge of social media and the world of writing and publishing lends a dynamic focus to his presentation.”
– Lou Cook

“Dan Blank’s Substack workshop was informative, inspiring and well worth the small investment of time and money!”
– Dana Laquidara

“Very practical and thoughtful information. I appreciate how Dan breaks the process into manageable pieces.”
– Randall Van Nostrand

“This workshop demystifies Substack and gives you the tools you need to get started.”
– Karen Bayly

“The workshop was helpful in getting started, and I was able to move my existing list and start posting, which was the goal.”
– Maurene Hinds

“Dan simplifies setting up Substack to get up and going. Easy to follow. I would definitely recommend it for anyone new to the platform.”
– Cathy McKelvey

“There was so much information that I have to listen to it again!”
– Mary Beth Schirber

“This session was so detailed, while still covering the basics of Substack. This was a very helpful session.”
– Cindy McDonough

“I was on the fence about Substack for a long while. One more platform, another new trend! It was Dan’s presentation and demo of the Substack account opening process that made me jump. He guided us at a pace that was so friendly and his constant encouragement to begin by just keeping things simple really resonated with me. As someone who’s easily overwhelmed by tech, I really appreciated the step-by-step demo and reminder to focus on the most important aspects of Substack. I set up my account watching Dan’s demo side-by-side. I’m happy to share that I published my first post yesterday. Within hours I had my first paid subscriber!!! I can’t thank Dan enough!”
– Uma Girish

“This workshop was perfect for me, as someone just getting started on Substack. It was well structured and well paced—no sense of feeling rushed, but also no unnecessary lingering over one point—so it was an efficient use of time. Dan provided something very useful by giving me some idea of the possibilities of Substack, and as I set up my newsletter I especially appreciate his advice on which parts of the setup process I can safely ignore for the time being. I came away with detailed notes and a sense of increased confidence (and maybe even the beginnings of competence!)”
– Tinney Heath

“Dan Blank took us for both an overview of Substack as well as a deep dive in a few areas relative to leveraging the platform’s key features, playing the edge of asking for paid subscriptions, and all the while staying human in the process. His workshop and energy as a presenter are giving me a boost towards taking a thoughtful and creative leap into the Substack universe!”
– Matthew Sloane

“Dan’s Substack workshop is a great way to get your mind wrapped around trying things out on Substack with the encouragement to dive in and try it out. Thanks for the workshop!”
– Sasha Cagen

“From this workshop, I got the courage to actually transition my newsletter to Substack! Dan shared compelling reasons to switch, from a marketing and connection standpoint.”
– Sandra L. Young

“I took many notes and have implemented many suggestions. From how to write effective posts to how to engage readers to how to leverage the best of Substack without getting bogged down in what I don’t need to do to build my list.”
– Alicia M. Rodriguez

“This workshop is a huge help for anyone who uses or is thinking about using Substack. I was very impressed with how many simple, powerful, actionable strategies I was able to walk away with from one session. To me it is truly a no-brainer investment, and one that I keep referencing over and over again!”
– Anna Raskind

“Prior to Dan’s workshop I had heard mention of Substack, but wasn’t clear about what it was and why should I be interested. Dan answered these questions and more. Definitely recommended.”
– Mike Lovell