Build Your Author Platform Payment

To setup recurring payments for the Build Your Author Platform course, please pay via the link below. Paypal is completely secure and allows you to pay via credit card if you like.

The remaining course fee of $749 (you paid the $50 deposit already), will be broken down into four equal payments, each taken 2 weeks apart. So when you pay below, you will pay $187.25, and then Paypal will automatically take the additional payments for you. So paying below sets up the entire process, you only have to do this once. The payment schedule is:

  • Payment #1: $187.50 when you pay below
  • Payment #2: $187.50 two weeks later
  • Payment #3: $187.50 two weeks after that
  • Payment #4: $187.50 and two weeks after that (8 weeks from now)

If you have ANY questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me: or 973-981-8882
Here is the payment button: