The Creative Success Pyramid

The Creative Success Pyramid is the model I use to help writers get clarity in their work, develop an audience, and launch their work in a meaningful way. This is it, you can click on the image to download a full-sized PDF:


Creative Success Pyramid

It’s composed of five basic parts, you start at the bottom and work your way to the top:

  1. Define your identity for what you create and why.
  2. Find  your ideal audience.
  3. Build your platform to open pathways to your work.
  4. Create and share with your authentic voice to connect with your ideal audience.
  5. Launch and market your writing.

This methodology is meant to tie together the many disparate aspects of what it means to share your work and engage an audience. But what’s more: it is focused on finding a sense of personal fulfillment and creative growth in the process.

You can watch an hourlong workshop where I walk through the Creative Success Pyramid here:

If you want to explore working with me on applying all of this to your work, learn more about how I work with writers here.