Dan Blank’s Mastermind Group, With Jennie Nash

I am opening up the doors for a rare opportunity to join me in a mastermind group. This has been one of the most powerful things I have ever offered — the feedback from folks who joined me have been off the charts amazing. They have found renewed clarity in their creative work, and a solid roadmap for moving forward.

The theme for this 3-month mastermind program is: AUDIENCE ENGAGEMENT. If you are looking to get an insiders look at how this is done — how to establish, grow, and engage your audience — this is for you.

Details are below.

I’m offering the opportunity to engage with me personally through an 12-week mastermind program that will focus your creative business for success in 2016. It’s called the Creative Action Mastermind, and it runs from April 1 through June 30.


I’ll start by saying that I only work with creative professionals. These are writers, crafters, designers, artists, entrepreneurs, and others whose work is not just about earning money, but about creating something special that will enrich the lives of others.

It is about craft, art, and an almost magical connection that happens when their vision sparks something in the hearts and minds of those who receive it. If you are reading this, that’s probably you.

But let’s face it, it can be difficult to turn your vision into reality.

You have the “creative” part of “creative professional” down, but feel like you need more growth in the “professional” part.

The Creative Action Mastermind focuses on the following:

  • Providing a group of collaborators to help you not just stay focused, but make progress.
  • Better understand how to identify and connect with those who will love your work.
  • How to create connections with others in a way that is meaningful, not spammy or promotional.
  • Developing momentum with your work.
  • Honing your vision to focus intensely on a few key things that will lead to growth. So much of this process is about saying “yes” to a few key things, and “no” to hundreds of others.

We will move through the phases outlined below, each of which are meant to help you focus your work on what will resonate with your vision, and what will resonate with your audience.


This is not a course — it is a collaboration. A mastermind group is traditionally a group of like-minded people who come together to help one another brainstorm and focus. That is what this is, with an added layer, which is that I will be guiding you through my planning system.

The Creative Action Mastermind program runs from April 1st to June 30th, 2016.

We will move through the following monthly themes:

  • April: Your brand is your voice. Here we talk about the core aspects of your vision for what you create, and how that creates a foundation for why others will notice and engage with you.
  • May: Audience research. Here you will seek to understand those who you most want to experience your work.
  • June: Your raving fans. This is about eschewing vanilla “best practices” that don’t work; instead we focus on how to create deeply meaningful experiences for those who support you and your work.

We attack the problems I see crop up most pervasively in the lives of creative professionals. We break the bad habits, and reframe boundaries as opportunities.

In each phase, I talk about the goal, how I do it, and clear ACTIONS you need to take. That’s right, none of this is reading course material or doing homework — it is all about taking action.

My goal? To give you a clear focus for your creative actions in April, May, and June.

This bears repeating: You do not get loads of course material — you get prompts and actions to take. You are given a structure by which to collaborate with me and others in the mastermind. Nothing else. This is about action. Period.

You don’t have to show up anywhere on any particular day or time (I understand you are too busy to add another meeting to your calendar), but you will have constant access to the group (and myself) via these powerful collaboration tools.

  1. A private Slack chat group. This is basically a 24/7 instant messaging system for small teams. This is where you can brainstorm ideas, share insights, cry for help, and feel a sense of collaboration in what can be an otherwise lonely process.
  2. (Mostly) daily video updates from me. This is where I talk you through key steps to be taking, and expand upon conversations we are having in Slack. These videos are only for the Mastermind group, are recorded (nearly) every day, and give you an inside look into how to truly make progress. I will not talk in theory, but in terms of practical steps, sharing with you how I am doing this myself.
  3. Bi-Weekly “Ask Jennie Nash” Q&As
    Twice a month, Jennie will jump into Slack and answer any questions you post to her as it relates to our work in the Mastermind.

  4. Shared Trello to-do lists. These will keep your actions focused and accountable. Each week, you create a handful of specific tasks and we keep you accountable to them. Everyone in the Mastermind can see your tasks, and you can see ours. Not sure what actions to take? Well, you will be looking over our shoulders to get ideas.

Are you worried about how to use these tools? Don’t. These are things my team and I use every single day, and are a core way that collaborative groups work. They are easy to get the hang of, and after all, we are here to help you out along the way!

That is the real value here: collaboration. You will have me and others in the mastermind providing feedback on your goals, helping provide direction, giving feedback, and pulling you out of the hole when you feel stuck and lost.

Each month, I will provide feedback on your tasks, your progress, and your direction. And I will also tell you when you are losing focus or biting off more than you can chew. So much of this process is about clarity and focus. Taking simple actions consistently, not getting bogged down.

My role is to be a coach in this process. You get to watch what I do, I give you direction, observe and suggest corrections. But I’ll be clear: it is YOU on the playing field. I’m not out there to do the work for you, or hold your hand when you are stalling. My feedback will be short and to the point. This is about taking action when it matters.


This is for the creative professional who wants to take the audience side of their craft more seriously. Who wants to have a clearer plan for 2016 in terms of engaging others.

I work with writers, artists, designers, crafters, entrepreneurs and anyone who is doing creative work that is deeply meaningful to their audience.

And I will absolutely say, this is about living up to your creative vision. A big part of my process is indeed about getting clearer about the meaning and experiences I am creating for others. The business side is meant to honor that, not derail it.


Let me share a few ways that this program is different from anything else I have offered before (and from what most others offer):

  • Very often, people sell you “content,” such as course material, when a key ingredient to success is collaboration. This mastermind is about that collaboration: relationships with others that keep us focused and accountable. Consider why it costs $75 to join a gym for an entire month, but $75 to hire a personal trainer for a single hour. Just joining a gym gives you access to tools, but hiring a personal trainer gives you access to insights and a personalized system. Most people don’t show up to the gym on an average day, but they nearly always show up to an appointment with a personal trainer. It is a commitment, and assurance to get the job done.This mastermind is that commitment. I am waiting at the gym for you to show up. Don’t leave me — and your creative vision — hanging.
  • There is no refund policy on this program. When you sign up, you are making a commitment not only to me, but to yourself. Take action, or else lose your investment. This is a no excuses program. If you don’t do the work, you will hear it from me. One term you will hear a lot in this program is the following: “No half-assing it.” (Sorry for the language.) Why do I use this term? Because most creative ventures fail not because they aren’t engaging ideas, but because the person half-asses it. They do it part way. They give up at the drop of a hat.
    This program is a half-ass free zone. There is no “dropping” the mastermind part of the way through. When you sign up, you are making a 3-month commitment. If you don’t show up, that’s on you.

    If you have creative work that is deeply meaningful to you, whether it is full-time or part-time, I’m challenging you to stop treating your profession like a hobby. If you have a day job, I would bet that you would never consider showing up late for work. Or show up only three days per week to a job where you’re expected to be there five days per week. Or you wouldn’t just leave mid-day from the job because you didn’t feel inspired to do it.

    Yet, this is how people “show up” for their creative vision. For their creative career.

This program isn’t for everyone.

I’m accepting a really limited number of participants because I want to ensure we have a solid group of people ready to take action. And I’ll be honest — I want it to be fun, not just productive.

Want in? Apply now. If you are accepted, there is a $900 total fee for the three-month program, payable in three monthly installments. So you pay $300 in April, $300, in May, and $300 in June. Yes, I am always flexible to creating a specific payment plan that fits your needs.

Register here before March 31:

Please keep in mind, there are limited spaces available, and they go on a first come, first served basis. When you click the button, you can either login to Paypal or simply pay via credit card. This is what will happen:

  • Nothing is charged immediately. You enter what Paypal calls a “trial period” for the remainder of March.
  • On April 1, you will be charged $300.
  • On May 1, you will be charged $300.
  • On June 1, you will be charged $300.

So the total fee is $900, broken up into three payments. If you need a custom payment plan, email me at dan@wegrowmedia.com and I will try to work that out with you. I always want to be flexible when it comes to money.