Clarity Cards

In helping bestselling authors reach their audience, I have found that the first essential ingredient is creative clarity. The Clarity Cards system is a simple 5-step process to:

  • Know exactly what to create.
  • Understand how to use your limited resources for the greatest impact to reach your audience.
  • Feel confident in your creative identity.
  • Focus people’s attention and better communicate your creative vision to others.
  • Have the foundation to build a solid plan to launch and share your writing or creative work with others.

Clarity Cards are a simple exercise that has radically changed people’s lives for the better. This is free, easy, and potentially life-changing. What you end up with is a pyramid of 10 cards. While they look simple, the results are powerful.

The Clarity Card system is the foundation for sharing your writing in a powerful way. Most writers I speak to struggle to find the time and energy to write amidst so many other responsibilities and distractions. Clarity Cards solves that. Without this step, you don’t have a firm footing for creative growth.

What you will end up with is a pyramid of 10 prioritized cards that will help you feel focused and make clear decisions to find more time and energy to write. I’m excited for you to join me in this process.

At the end of the 5-step process, they look like this:

Clarity CardsThey look simple, but they have a powerful way of reframing not just your creative goals, but your entire life. I have taken hundreds of people through this process, and have used it myself for years. I have seen this exercise lead to profound breakthroughs for people, as well as practical ways to find more time and energy to write.