Get Clarity Package

What if you could wake up every day knowing exactly what to work on. What if you could feel confident that you had a clear direction, and a system by which to take steps forward. That each day, each week, each month is building towards something meaningful. What if “some day” became this day?

Are you driven by a desire to pursue your creative work, but don’t know where to begin, don’t know how to choose which of the many projects you are passionate about, and don’t know how to make this process feel like a positive and realistic step in the right direction, instead of a daydream that has you spinning your wheels? Then the Get Clarity Package is for you.

Here we:

Clearly define your priorities and what success looks like. We define the transformation that you want to see in your life with total clarity.
Identify the milestones that matter.
Craft a mission statement that helps you define what actions to take, and which to skip.
Create a bio and brand that defines you and your work.
Set clear intentions and weekly practices that will create momentum in your creative work.
This three-month program has me working with you step-by-step through all of this. Imagine if you felt clarity instead of overwhelm each day.

In working with hundreds of creative professionals I have developed a 6-point system that both gets you ready to launch your work to a deeply engaged audience, and builds a solid foundation for long-term success:


This system fills the holes that most people skip over. We get it done when it matters most.

The biggest mistake that I see many creators make? They start at the final step: marketing. They pitch their work blindly without clarity around all the other areas. The result? They flounder. Their work isn’t seen. They feel overwhelmed. They fail.

How do we solve this? By working through my system together. We take the actions most people miss, and my team and I get it done for you.

If you have a creative vision that you want to connect with an audience, consider allowing my team and me to help you make it a reality.

Imagine not just knowing how to get it done, but having a partner in the process. My team and I execute these things with you.

How We Get It Done

When you hire me, I create a full proposal of steps and deliverables focused on connecting your vision to your audience. You are no longer alone in this process. That is huge, and saves you an enormous amount of time and energy when you need complete clarity. I become part of your team.

You have full access to me. We meet every week via phone, and then follow up as much as needed via email. Have a moment of panic? You pick up the phone and dial my mobile phone. Yes, it is that easy. I’ve got your back.

We work through a cohesive plan, clear deliverables, and a focus on getting things done.

In each of the packages above, there are two ways to work with me:

  • Coaching: I advise you and provide clear direction on actions and steps you need to take. I am totally available to you as a coach in this process to help you  bridge the gap between your work and those people you hope to reach with it.
  • Execution: My team and I work to not just create a strategy for you, but implement it as well. We develop content, do the research, and work with you each step of the way from where you are to where you need to be.

Team Planning_Black-01

My methodology is geared towards those creative professionals who are preparing for a serious shift in their career. Perhaps it is an upcoming launch, or they are moving through a big transition.

To make these things a reality my team and I work through the following steps with you, all focused on clarity and action:

  1. Success Planning: we do a 15-point audit of where you are, your resources, your messaging, your work, the ways you connect to your audience, your goals, and the key milestones you need to reach to turn the goals into reality.
  2. Messaging: We craft your bio from scratch — three versions of it: one for direct audience engagement, one for the media, and a social media version. You will get a sheet of 5 talking points about the work that you do and why you do it that can be used in conversations online and off. We will analyze your entire public presence (online and off) and identify 10 core steps to establish it or improve it. We also develop your branding — the tone your ideal audience picks up on within 3 seconds telling them whether your work speaks to them. We create a brand book with a 10-point branding checklist that extends to your website, social channels, and anywhere else you will interact with your audience.
  3. Marketplace Analysis: We research and clearly identify the 10 places you need to be online and off; 5 examples of comparable work that your audience will use as guideposts to discover your work; 3 mentors to learn from; and a list of 10 key needs and desires that engage your audience.
  4. Audience Identification: We create 3 personas of who represents your ideal audience. We then use these to identify the triggers that gets your audience’s attention and causes them to take action — to engage with and buy work like yours. This is all about understanding your audience so well that we no longer need to worry about “doing it all,” this allows us to focus on a few key tactics that will truly matter to those you hope to reach.
  5. Audience development: A clear plan to connect with real people who are a part of your ideal audience. We provide templates and help you customize them so that they are exactly right. We will craft a channel strategy across three core channels (online and off), and a content strategy that develops a group of core fans for your work. A clear plan is provided for how to manage social media in a way that you truly show up, while not eating into what matters most: your craft and other responsibilities.
  6. Marketing Plan: We develop a 3-6 month marketing strategy focused on powerful milestones of sharing your work, and ensuring that it reaches those you care about most.


My team and I help you get focused, develop your skills, and we execute on a plan with you. Our goal: allow you to take control of your creative career and truly make things happen.

How to Get Started

If you are hoping to bring your vision out into the world in a meaningful way — one that has an impact — consider reaching out to me. No, I’m not going to give you some form to fill out, email me directly:

Let me know what you are working on, the big challenge you are facing, and how you hope I can help.

(Bonus points if you add the subject line: “Dan, I’m ready to get it done.”)

I only take 4 clients per quarter. This is your chance to take meaningful action.