Who We Are

WeGrowMedia was founded by Dan Blank to help writers and creators develop a human-centered approach to marketing. Since 2010 we have helped writers develop their author platforms, launch their books, and create marketing strategies that work. You can see his work in the following places:

What You Would Be Doing

The primary role of this position is to craft and manage marketing strategies for Dan’s social media channels. This includes:

Creating posts for social media

  • Ideating and designing social media posts for sharing on various social networks.
  • Illustrating, designing, or photographing original material for these posts.
  • (Basic) Editing of videos for social media.
  • Writing/editing social media updates based on Dan’s material.

Scheduling and Managing a Social Media Calendar

  • Manage an editorial calendar.
  • Scheduling content weeks ahead of time.
  • Customizing posts for various social networks in terms of layout of images and text.
  • Organizing an archive of Dan’s content so that we can easily share it.
  • Creating templates for social media posts.
  • Curating content to share from other sources.
  • Identify new ideas for social media posts based on your research of each social network, including Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Conducting Marketplace Research

  • Researching podcasts for Dan to be a guest on.
  • Researching potential guests for Dan’s podcast.


  • Knowledge of social media scheduling tools (such as, Tweetdeck, etc.), or the ability to learn them.
  • Experience with (basic) photo editing and design tools. E.G.: Canva or similar apps. If you are fluent in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, that is a big plus, but not at all required.
  • Illustration or design skills are a plus. From simple drawings to bubble letters and anything beyond. Likewise, any artistic experience (digital, non-digital, video, photography, etc.) is greatly preferred.
  • You can do basic editing of videos, or learn.
  • You work on a Mac and can supply your own computer.
  • You are familiar with the basic ins and outs of social media channels: Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.
  • You actually enjoy social media. You are on it because you love how it connects people.
  • You love design and the visual arts.

Who You Are

You are a student of social media and will work with Dan to identify new opportunities for growth and engagement.

You should have a literacy of social media trends because you truly enjoy social media.

You are creative. You have a good and varied sense of design and visual style. When you see someone’s feed on Instagram, you can analyze what they are sharing and how they created it. You can think of multiple ways to visually represent the same message.

You are very organized, because your job will be to handle daily/weekly processes of managing aspects of social media.

You thrive by organizing your own time. You want some direction and a process so that expectations are clear, but once you have that, you are self-motivated to work on your own.

You genuinely care about those who create: writers, artists, and anyone who crafts and shares their work.

You are a glass is half full kind of person. Whether you are handling a technology issue, a business problem, a process snafu, you are someone who sees options and opportunities even in bad situations.

You are tech savvy, and enjoy learning new skills focused on creating and sharing.

You like doing research, and can do so without getting lost in the weeds. You can easily organize research material, analyze what you are seeing, and summarize lessons from what you are seeing.

You are capable of following directions, but also innovating.

You like creating.

Location, Hours, and Compensation

This is an entirely virtual position. You can work from your home, a cafe, the library, your car, wherever you are most comfortable.

You would be working 10-15 hours per week. (Potentially more down the road.)

The hours are flexible for when you do most of the work. That said, Dan is an early riser, and is best available to chat or collaborate in the mornings EST, prior to 10am ET. Dan is based in New Jersey, just so you have a sense of time zones.

This is an independent contractor position, with compensation of $25 per hour.

How to Apply

Click here to access the application: