Human-Centered Marketing

Human-Centered Marketing for Introverted Writers

Join me for a four-week program to create an outreach plan to find and engage your ideal audience. By following my simple system, you will reach your readers in a manner that is 100% customized to who you are.

What you receive:

  • The Reader Connection Plan template and videos to guide you through it.
  • Direct personalized feedback from me each week.
  • Outreach scripts to show you exactly how it’s done.
  • Simple micro-actions to immediately get started.

I’m Dan Blank, and I’ve helped thousands of writers develop their author platforms, launch their books, and create marketing strategies that work.

The Human-Centered Marketing for Introverted Writers program outlines the system I have developed to ensure you reach your ideal audience in a way that feels meaningful and authentic to you.  I hope you can join me.

This four-week program isn’t a course where you are given too much information, then you languish by yourself to make sense of it all.

Instead, this is a collaboration. You will get personalized feedback from me each week. I will walk you step by step through the process, and together, we establish a simple process that will supercharge your ability to connect with your ideal audience.

When you master this process, you will be miles ahead of 99% of authors out there —  knowing who your ideal readers are and forging meaningful connections with them.

Too many writers spin their wheels chasing social media followers, worrying how to go viral, and searching for book marketing trends. In the end, they feel overwhelmed by everything they have been told to do, and frustrated that nothing they try seems to work.

Don’t be that person.

Instead, focus on meaningful connections to real people. Identify who you want to reach and what resonates with them.

Let me guide you through this four-week program to do exactly that.

This becomes the basis for your:

  • Author platform
  • Social media strategy
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Book launch preparation


Many writers I speak to describe themselves as introverts. They fear it prevents them from reaching readers. But being an introvert is not a liability, it is a strength. Use it to connect with readers in a way that feels natural:

On your terms.
Focused on listening.
One step at a time.

This program is 100% geared towards writers who are introverts, and connecting with readers in a manner that feels authentic to who you are.

The Program

You will walk away with:

  • An understanding of who your ideal readers are.
  • Clear actions you can take each week to develop and forge meaningful connections with your audience.
  • A customized Reader Connection Plan — a repeatable system that you will use to grow your network as a writer.
  • Scripts and suggested micro-actions for each step of the process to help get you started.
  • New: The Joyous Outreach checklist and workflow, which creates a manageable way for you to engage with social media.
  • Direct feedback from me each week.

The curriculum:

Week #1: Start with Empathy. Understand what reader engagement looks and feels like.
Too many writers want book sales, book reviews, social media followers, newsletter subscribers and word of mouth marketing, but the author has never performed these tasks themselves. We begin by executing and exploring these same supportive actions you hope readers will perform, so you can understand the goals and the challenges on a human level. This is particularly well tuned to introverts, starting with empathy. You will understand what reader engagement looks and feels like.

Week #2: Discover the voice of the reader. Then listen to them. 
Your ideal readers are not a list of demographics. You have amazing tools at your disposal to understand who your readers are and what engages them. I show you how to use them to turn your ideal reader from a vague concept into a real person. You will create a reader research process and identify the voice of your reader.

Week #3: Focus on one person. Ignore the “audience.”
You can’t develop a platform, marketing, or a career as a writer without reaching out to real people. Don’t pretend you can offload this process to Google, Facebook, SEO keywords or Amazon. This week you are going to engage with book lovers who are just waiting to have a conversation about your genre. This requires zero social risk on your part. In fact, if you are an introvert, you are best suited for this process. You will develop a simple strategy to share in a manner that feels authentic to you and to your ideal reader.

Week #4: Develop the connection habit, one experience at a time. 
Avoid the rush of going viral or filling up your calendar with daily social media posts. Instead, establish a slow, consistent, and human process of strategic outreach to your ideal readers. You can engage with the person you want to, in the way you are most comfortable with. You will create a communication system, a schedule of clear and simple steps, and develop templates so you will know exactly what to do.



How It Works

Video Lesson: Each week you receive video lessons from me where I walk you through the concepts of the system.

Reader Connection Plan: This document is clear and concise, and will be customized to your goals.

Scripts and templates: For each step of the process, you are provided with clear scripts and templates that you can personalize.

Outreach Micro-Action: You will be given a simple and clear task for that week.

Social Media Micro-Action: You will be given a small social media tasks to do that week.

You will submit your questions to me each week.

Each week, I will provide feedback on your work and answer your specific questions via a personalized 10-15 minute video just for you.

I recommend you plan to spend 2 hours each week on this program. We repeat that four times in a month, and by the end you will have taken four actions, and have a Reader Outreach Plan to work from moving forward.

If you follow the steps outlined in your plan for a full quarter of the year, you will have a solid network of people who will help support your writing goals.

A simple, human process to reach your readers.


If Human-Centered Marketing for Introverted Writers feels right to you, then take action now.

This is a four week program. You and I will set weekly deadlines for your homework and the questions I will answer for you. There are no live calls, so you don’t need to be anywhere at any specific time. Instead, you are given access to the material and a process to collaborate with me during this time.

Total fee: $450
(payment plan is available)

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Frequently Asked Questions

What technology do I need in order to participate?

The entire program is run using basic tools: email, PDFs, links to videos, etc. As long as you have email, a web browser, and the ability to view regular documents (PDF, Word, Excel, etc.) then you are good!

Are there any days or times I have to show up live for anything?

No! I know your life is busy, which is why this program doesn’t have any live calls at any set days/times. Instead, you submit your work to me and I provide direct personalized feedback to you via video, which you can watch at your convenience.

In terms of scheduling, what will a typical week in the program look like?

Human-Centered Marketing for Introverted Writers will generally follow this schedule:

  • On Monday you will receive a new instructional video from me walking you through core concepts of the Reader Connection Plan, with suggested actions for you to take.
  • By mid-week you will provide your feedback and questions you have for me as you customize your plan.
  • At the end of the week I will record a 10-15 minute for you, sharing my answers to your questions, and suggestions for exactly what I recommend you do.

How much time per week will this program require of me?

You should plan to spend a minimum of 2 hours per week on the work within Human-Centered Marketing for Introverted Writers. You can spend more time if you like, but I suggest at least:

  • 30 minutes early in the week to review the material I provide.
  • 30 minutes to take the micro-actions suggested in the material.
  • 30 minutes to consider what questions you have for me.
  • 30 minutes to watch my response and customize your Reader connection Plan.

Bonus! Social Media: Solved

Also included is my new Joyous Outreach checklist and workflow. So many writers struggle to understand what to share on social media, how often they should post, and how to connect it to a larger outreach strategy. The Joyous Outreach checklist and workflow solves that. It puts the joy back in social media. 

One client was overwhelmed with considering how to manage her social media, but once I showed her the Joyous Outreach checklist and process, she described it like this: “It is really relaxing.” What a difference!

What People Are Saying About Human-Centered Marketing

“Human-Centered Marketing has fundamentally changed how I view myself as a creative. By heeding Dan’s advice and taking micro-actions that encourage me to embrace the “who” over the “what,” I now feel more empowered than ever to forge long-lasting relationships that will form the foundation of my marketing and outreach strategy going forward.”
– Ryan Campbell

“You have given me a manner with which to connect with my readers and the writing industry that should last me a lifetime. I’ve never thought of book marketing from this angle, it makes so much sense. Having a spreadsheet and workbook with all the processes I can put into action makes this so much easier. I take action, tick it off on the spreadsheet and I’m done. Before this program, I felt overwhelmed just thinking about it. Thanks Dan!”
– Angela Applewhite

“Human-Centered Marketing identified the most strategic actions I can take to build my tribe by connecting via social media, in person, and brainstorming new ideas unique for me. By completing the weekly assignments, I clarified my writing genre and who I’m marketing to. Now I can create posts directed toward one person, yet touching the heart of soul of so many more. Thank you for broadening my horizons!”
– Dawn Anderson

“This was such a refreshing course. It’s geared toward kindness and thoughtfulness and reciprocal good deeds. An old-fashioned idea for a high-tech world that pays off in both parties feeling good about their work. It’s an expression of integrity much needed today.”
– Lorraine Norwood

“Getting back to what truly matters, this is what Dan delivered and then some in his offering of Human-Centered Marketing. Connecting one-to-one with other’s making a difference, sharing other’s successes, and expressing genuine interest in the work of other’s, and building a trusting and valuable relationship is at the core of this course. It feels incredible to make this shift back to what’s important not only because it’s so manageable with the micro-actions Dan encourages, but best of all, it feels so authentic and meaningful.”
– Barbara Techel

“Exceeded my expectations – the Human-centered Marketing program truly delivers what Dan promises: why 1:1 genuine connection is more powerful than mass marketing, a breakdown of the small practical steps needed to just get started, and then helpful templates to keep track of progress. The really impressive part of this program though is that Dan put in place a weekly 1:1 exchange between him and EACH student. It made it much easier for me to get feedback and ask my questions. Dan then recorded a personalized, custom video that’s just for me. Really powerful and shows how Dan walks the talk.”
– Joan Fernandez

“While I adore writing novels, thinking of all the work that I would need to do to build an audience (and also figure out how to do so) causes me anxiety. Dan’s program gives consistent, manageable steps on how to work towards building up an audience over time, which is the most realistic way. It’s also helpful that Dan directly answers questions you have as you go through the program. One of my questions felt silly to me, but Dan gave a thoughtful answer that helped me know which direction I wanted to take in relation to my question. I would recommend this program to anyone who feels lost about where to start in building their author platform.”
– Nicole Eatough

“Dan Blank has an uncanny ability to break the often overwhelming process of connecting with readers, collaborators and supporters down into small, manageable, and surprisingly easy-to-do chunks. You realize that the Tweet about a book you just read is no longer random, but part of a greater plan.”
– Karen Bayly

“Human-Centered Marketing gave me a whole new way of looking at marketing. It also broke the process down into small steps that I can easily fit into my schedule.”
– Evelyn Puerto

“I’m sending a heartfelt thank you to Dan for the great guidance and patience throughout this program. He encouraged me to know that I do have permission to promote my books and writing in a way that feels good, but that also challenges me to reach beyond my introverted, trembling heart! I’m going to go forth and, with each heart-full micro-action, find my ‘super fans’ and then keep them close to the ‘gateway’ that I will have constructed. Thank you.”
– Rachel Davidson

“Dan Blank and Human-Centered Marketing took me from absolutely no idea how to market my book in a way that was congruent with my personal beliefs and ideas, to a plan that has actionable worksheets, strategies, and goals. Dan provides a framework that, to me, is a completely different shift in focus from most marketing ideas. It’s about making personal connections that lead to finding your readers, connecting with them, and establishing outreach programs that lead to book sales. The weekly personalized video feedback was exceptional. If you feel overwhelmed and bombarded by the numerous philosophies surrounding book promotion, if you feel alone and unguided in the process, Dan, and this program will help you immensely. “
– Steven Taylor

“I love the way Dan Blank goes about helping authors. Instead of some sort of step-by-step program “guaranteed” to make you a bestselling author, he provides tools, insights and feedback that help you shape your own path centered on strategic actions that lead to genuine connections with real people. The wisdom, flexibility and creativity of his approach has already sparked my imagination and enabled me to see that marketing doesn’t have to be overwhelming. It can at times even be a joy.”
– Laura McHale Holland

“With all of Dan’s expertise, he helped simplify things and take away the fear so I could develop a plan and move forward.”
– Elizabeth Bristol

“Dan’s Human-Centered Marketing program teaches how to communicate with your ideal readers in a manner that’s genuine, alleviating the fear of stepping out of ones comfort zone so you can take the first steps to connect. His video lessons are spot on and his individual feedback insightful. I highly recommend Dan’s program.”
– Mark Rues