Q&A Call With Book Coach Jennie Nash

I want to share with you a few amazing resources for writers focused on improving your craft and ability to publish. All of them involve my good friend Jennie Nash. She is a book coach, but she’s also a genius when it comes to writing, editing and books. She is the one who helped me when I was writing Be the Gateway, and she and I chat all the time about what it means to create great work, and best serve your audience.

In mid-January she is offering three completely free courses through Creative Live. You can view them live on these dates/times:

  1. How To Land A Literary Agent (Tue 1/16, 1:45pm EST)
  2. Self Publishing For the Entrepreneur (Tue 1/16, 4:00 pm EST)
  3. Take Your Writing From Good To Great (Fri, 1/19, Noon EST)

If one of these topics interests you, then show up for the live event!

Then, I want to offer something special. The week after these events, I want to give you exclusive access to ask Jennie anything about writing and publishing on a live Q&A call.

Sign up here to join me and Jennie live on January 25th at 2pm ET. On the call she will answer your questions, so come prepared to challenge her. This is a huge opportunity for you to get personal advice from an amazing book coach.

When I worked with Jennie, I was amazed at the clarity she provided, helping me hone in on exactly the book I wanted to write, and then structuring the process in a way that felt completely approachable.