Office Hours

Office Hours are where I make myself generally available to chat – to answer questions – to do whatever I can to assist you. It’s free, you simply call my cell phone: 973-981-8882 and we chat. No question is too basic, no question is too complex. So seriously, feel free to call!

  • Office Hours: Thursday June 16 from 1pm – 2pm ET
    For this session of office hours, I’ll be answer questions about the upcoming online class I am teaching: Build Your Author Platform.

    Registration opens on Monday – if you are considering this course, I’d love to answer any questions you had about it. I won’t try to pitch you on anything, I will just try to answer your questions as honestly and openly as possible.

    What kinds of questions can you ask? ANYTHING, I suppose. Things like:

    • “This is the book I am working on, why do I need an author platform?”
    • “I don’t know anything about social media, can you tell me how the course covers that material?”
    • “I am a social media expert – what ELSE is this course going to teach me?”
    • “How technical does this course get in terms of websites and anything in the online space?”
    • “Do I need to know what my next project will be if I am going to build my author platform?”

    Just call me at 973-981-8882 between 1pm – 2pm ET.