The Reader Connection Project

I want to invite you to a free 10-day project to connect in meaningful ways to readers. If you are an introvert who wants to develop an audience for your writing, this project is for you.

Imagine if 10 days from now you:

  1. Had a clear sense of who your ideal readers are.
  2. Created at least 1 meaningful connection to a reader.
  3. Developed a system where you could easily connect to more readers as quickly or slowly as you like.
  4. Could use everything you learn to develop an author platform and book marketing strategy that felt authentic and 100% unique to who you are are.

Too many writers waste their time¬†chasing marketing trends that don’t work, and feel pressured into using social media in a way that makes them feel icky.

Let’s do it differently.

I have been developed a new guide called “5 Ways to Immediately¬†Connect With Readers” that provides clear steps to do exactly that. To launch it, I want you to join me in this project so that we can go through it step-by-step, together.

Do you need to have a book or be a published author? No! As long as you write fiction, memoir, or nonfiction of any sort, at any level, this is 100% for you.

How the project works:

  • To be a part of it, simply join this private Facebook Group.
  • Starting on Oct 30, I will share the first of five steps to connect with readers. You will receive a PDF, access to a video, and assignment.
  • Every other day, you will receive a new step in the program.
  • Along the way, join in the chat on Facebook to connect to other writers and get feedback and advice from me.

Do you have to do every single step? Nope. But I would love to have you participate in some manner. I love working with writers, and I simply want this resource to be fun and effective.

To participate, join this Facebook Group before October 30th.