Registration for Blogging & Email Newsletters for Writers (Upgrade #2)

Do you want Dan to build your blog and email newsletter for you? Apply below.

If accepted, you will received:

  1. The entireĀ Blogging and Newsletters for Writers, program, including the weekly video feedback from Dan.
  2. Two half hour strategy phone calls with Dan.
  3. A blog that Dan builds for you and hands over to you.
  4. A Mailchimp email newsletter that Dan hands over to you.


Here are details on each aspect of the Done For You upgrade:

The Program
You will receive access to the program and move through it over a period of 4-weeks. Each week, you will ask questions to Dan via a form, and he will reply via video. This is where the key elements of your blog and email newsletter are established.

Strategy Calls
The first half-hour call will be scheduled at the start of the program where Dan can assess your needs and help you set a clear path. The second half-hour call will be near the end of the program, and he will ensure you have a roadmap for success. Blog
After the 4-week program Dan will create a blog for you, including choosing a template, basic design, upload your basic webpage content, and then hand over the keys to you! He will provide a brief training video to show you how to access the main features of it.

Mailchimp Email Newsletter List
After the 4-week program Dan will also create a Mailchimp email list for you, including the sign up page, newsletter template, and draft first newsletter. He will give you access to the account and provide a basic training walkthrough video.

Dan’s Ethos

The Done for Your upgrade is meant to make it easy for you to finally have a blog and newsletter. It is not meant to be the “perfect” blog that is 100% customized to your every preference. Dan will get you setup on WordPress and Mailchimp, it will align to his recommendations after working with thousands of writers, it will include the basic content that you identify in the 4-week program. What you will end up with is a live blog and newsletter that you can evolve and improve over time.

Apply Now

There are very limited spots available for the Done for You upgrade, and we want to ensure there is a perfect fit. Fill out the questionnaire linked below to apply for this level:

Link to apply

The total fee is $1,500 would be billed to you upon acceptance to the program. A payment plan is available. A link to register via Paypal or credit card will be provided.