Scholarship for Build Your Author Platform Online Course

We Grow Media is very excited to offer our first ever scholarship for the upcoming Build Your Author Platform course.

I have worked with hundreds of writers and teach a range of online courses. In the latest session of Build Your Author Platform, I am offering three different packages, with lower price points than I ever have before. I know that the course has a powerful effect on the careers of writers who take it, and I want to be mindful to ensure key elements are accessible by a wide range of people.

I’d like to take it even a step further, by offering a scholarship for the spring session of Build Your Author Platform. The recipient will gain access to the “Ultimate” package of the course, a $799 value, which includes:

  • 8 career-shifting lessons that take you step by step through the process of how to develop your author platform.
  • Personalized feedback via weekly homework assignments, where I directly address your challenges and opportunities with advice to ensure you are on the right track.
  • The ability to ask questions 24/7 via our private online forum. Here, you can discuss key topics in developing your platform with myself and other students in the course.
  • 8 Exclusive Insider Calls, where I get on the phone with the entire class and you can ask anything. Here you have a chance to brainstorm ideas; dig into specific challenges you are trying to move past; and build close relationships with myself and the other writers in the course. All Exclusive Insider Calls are recorded, so if you miss a call, you always have access to the recording.
  • 6 Guest Expert Calls from leading publishing professionals. These experts get on the phone with the class, and allow you to ask them any question you want. They provide personalized insight that helps you build your author platform. All Guest Expert Calls are recorded, so if you miss a call, you always have access to the recording.

While the class is an incredible value at $799, I do understand that some people will not be able to join us due to financial constraints. My passion is teaching and the idea of this scholarship is something that I’m very happy to make a part of my spring course.

To apply, please read the FAQ below, and then complete your application form here.

Q – What are the dates to apply for the scholarship?
A – You can submit your applications for the scholarship from March 12 – 23rd, 2012.

Q – How many scholarships will be offered for the spring class?
A – At this time only one scholarship will be offered. I hope to expand this in the future.

Q – Can anyone apply?
A – Yes, anyone can apply, but… you must be at least 18 years of age. Also: only apply if you would not otherwise be registering for the spring session of Build Your Author Platform. Please keep in mind that this scholarship is to assist those who cannot afford the course. I truly want this to go to someone that would not be able to take class without the scholarship. So please only apply if there is no way you could otherwise sign up for the course.

Q – Is the scholarship for the Ultimate package of the class?
A – Yes, you get the entire Ultimate package that is valued at $799.

Q – Is the scholarship transferable if I decide I want to take the course later?
A – No, this scholarship is for the spring course that starts on April 4th. You must be able to make a commitment to participate fully in the entire 8-week course. This scholarship is not transferable to anyone else.

Q – Is any of my personal information from the application ever shared?
A – Only your name will be announced as the winner of the scholarship. All other information you share in the application will only be viewed by me.

Q – When will the winner be announced?
A – The winner will be announced on Monday March 26th.

Click here to apply for the scholarship.