Social Media for Writers

Social media is a powerful way for a writer to share their voice and connect with readers. Developing your platform on social media is an incredible way to:

  • Connect with readers and writers who love what you write.
  • Find readers before, during, and between book launches.
  • Develop your following of true fans.

Doing this is not about gaming algorithms or over-promoting yourself. It is showing up as the writer you are, learning how to share what you create and why, and being open to filling your life with writers and readers who are inspired by the same things you are.

It is about living the life of a writer every single day.

Dan Blank

What the Program Provides

  • A 4-week curriculum of videos from me where show you how to identify where to show up on social media, what to share, and how to use it in a manner that creates real connections with readers and other writers.
  • You receive direct feedback from me each week, where I respond to your questions and share ideas that are 100% customized to your goals, what you write, and why.
  • You are given simple micro-actions to take each week so that you can immediately get started without feeling overwhelmed by the process.

Whether you are already engaged in social media or looking to start, this program will help you discover the path that feels authentic to who you are. You leave the program with a clear plan of action.

I’m Dan Blank. I work with writers to find fulfilling and meaningful ways that they can connect with readers. 

I have trained thousands of writers to get started on social media, create compelling content, develop and audience, and to make the process feel manageable.

For the last 10 years my full-time focus has been working directly with authors here at WeGrowMedia. This is the work I do day in and day out, with an eye on current trends, but also the the timeless qualities that never change of what truly connects people. 

This is a collaboration, not a course. You will get personalized feedback from me each week. I will walk you step by step through the process, and together, we take action to develop your social media strategy, and the plan to manage it all.

You do not need to be a published author in order to participate in this program. In fact, I recommend that writers develop these things long before they have a book.

The Program

Week #1: Your Voice
We define what you will share on social media that shares who you are in an authentic manner, while also keeping a strategic eye on developing a following for your writing.

Week #2: Your People 
We define who your ideal audience is, what engages them, and who else reaches them. This is not about treating people as a demographic, but as those you would love to find and get to know.

Week #3: Your Places
Here we do the marketplace research to determine the best social media platform for you. We tackle the technology and the easiest ways leverage them, without being overwhelmed.

Week #4: Your Process
We create a simple system for you to manage social media, with a focus on growth and engagement. To ensure that you have a sustainable and fulfilling social media presence.

How It Works

Video Lesson: You receive video lessons from me where I walk you through concepts to develop your social media presence and audience.

Micro-Actions: You will be given simple and clear tasks at each step of the program.

You will submit your questions to me each week via a form I provide.

I will provide feedback on your work and answer your specific questions via a personalized 10-15 minute video just for you each week. This includes my personalized assessment of your goals and challenges, and of your existing social media channels if you have them.

I recommend you plan to spend 2 hours a week on this program. We repeat that for four weeks, and by the end you will have taken six actions, and have clarity on your strategy moving forward.


This is a four week program. You and I will set weekly deadlines for your homework and the questions I will answer for you. There are no live calls, so you don’t need to be anywhere at any specific time. Instead, you are given access to the material and a process to collaborate with me during this time.

The total fee for the program (everything above!) is $450, I also offer an upgrade if you want me to do even more to assist you. A payment plan is available for both levels:

The Program

Get everything listed above, the entire Social Media for Writers  program, including the direct video feedback from Dan each week. He will answer all of your questions.


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The Program + Strategy Calls With Dan

Get everything listed above (the entire program and weekly video feedback from Dan) plus two one-on-one strategy phone calls with Dan.

The first half-hour call will be scheduled at the start of the program where Dan can assess your needs and help you set a clear path. The second half-hour call will be near the end of the program, and he will ensure you have a roadmap for success.


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What People Are Saying About the Program

“This wasn’t my first rodeo, with five Amazon best-sellers, significant previous investment, and working one-on-one with talented guides. Dan’s course is fun, thoughtful, strategically organized, and leads to targeted, profitable change. But you must DO THE HOMEWORK. I finished the course in a completely different place from where I began, with greater clarity about my audience, my message, and with a specific plan for growth.”
– Lynn Baber

“I signed up for Social Media for Writers knowing I had a lot of room for improvement in the way I was utilizing my social media channels. My goal has been to “post smarter” as I also implement Dan’s other tips on human-centered marketing. I found Social Media for Writers to be very helpful! I enjoyed the format, with Dan’s weekly videos broken out by shorter, specific topics, and the very doable micro-actions for each week. Dan’s feedback videos were convenient, and a wonderful personal touch. From the standpoint of a work and time commitment, Goldilocks would say the format of Social Media for Writers is just right and I would agree. I have some concrete, actionable steps to help me meet my goal without being overwhelming. “
– Diane Krause

“Social Media for Writers helped me focus on my “why” for engaging readers on social media and demystified the “how” of getting started.”
– Deborah Svec-Carstens

Frequently Asked Questions

What technology do I need in order to participate?

The entire program is run using basic tools: email, PDFs, links to videos, etc. As long as you have email, a web browser, and the ability to view regular documents (PDF, Word, Excel, etc.) then you are good!

Are there any days or times I have to show up live for anything?

No! I know your life is busy, which is why this program doesn’t have any live calls at any set days/times. Instead, you submit your work to me and I provide direct personalized feedback to you via video, which you can watch at your convenience.

In terms of scheduling, what will a typical week in the program look like?

The program will generally follow this schedule:

  • On Monday you will receive a new instructional video from me walking you through core concepts, with suggested actions for you to take.
  • By mid-week you will provide your feedback and questions you have for me as you customize your plan.
  • At the end of the week I will record a 5-15 minute for you, sharing my answers to your questions, and suggestions for exactly what I recommend you do.

How much time per week will this program require of me?

You should plan to spend a minimum of 2 hours per week on the work within this program. You can spend more time if you like, but I suggest at least:

  • 30 minutes early in the week to review the material I provide.
  • 30 minutes to take the micro-actions suggested in the material.
  • 30 minutes to consider what questions you have for me.
  • 30 minutes to watch my response and customize your plan.