Social Media for Writers

I want to invite you to a free program I am running from January 14th through the 18th,  it’s called “Social Media for Writers.” That week, I will share advice on four steps to develop your author platform via social media in a manner that encourages meaningful connections with readers. You can join me in this program by simply joining this Facebook Group.

This simple system will help you establish and grow your social media presence. But this is about more than just getting followers and likes; it is about knowing how to share your creative vision with the world, and engaging in meaningful ways to real people. In this free one-week program, I will share daily videos and prompts to help you:

  1. Identify which social media channel(s) to use.
  2. Figure out what to share on social media that is both authentic to who you are, and strategic to your writing goals.
  3. Grow your audience on social media.
  4. Get deeper engagement beyond just ‘likes’ and ‘follows’.

You will also be able to engage with other writers to brainstorm and get ideas to establish and grow a social media presence that feels authentic to who you are. I will end the program with a Q&A session.

How this works:

  • Click here and join this private Facebook Group. (this is the same group I used in the Fall for the Reader Connection Project, so if you are a member of that, you are already in!)
  • Each day starting Monday January 14, I will upload a video to the group that outlines my advice and suggested actions you can take, which aligns to the four areas above.
  • Throughout the week, you can share your questions, your progress, and learn from how others are doing this.
  • You will have the chance to submit questions for me to answer on a final video to be shared at the end of the week.

That’s it! As context, I will say that I have been thinking about social media is changing, and how the way in which writers think about social media needs to change as well.

What I want to share in this program is not just ‘the usual advice’ on the mechanics of social media, but a new vision for how you can not only make social media a part of your career as an author, but actually have it feel good, and like you are connecting with real people.

So many writers I speak to worry about social media — they are told they must do it, but then they feel like they are shouting to the wind.

The program I share next week flips all of that on its head.

I hope you can join me.