This is what people have to say about their experience in the Creative Shift Mastermind:

JR-author-introa1“I’m telling you, these Masterminders are a generous and creative and supportive group. And that Dan Blank is generous and helpful beyond the beyond.”
–– Judy Reeves

gHSl7w0a“There are so many layers of emotional and creative spirit in this group. I can feel positive momentum building.”
— Mary McFarland

JackSchaeffer“Dan promised me collaboration when I signed up for this group. I had my doubts, but not anymore. Being a part of the the Mastermind group has brought so much clarity (and simplicity) to my creative work.”
–– Jack Schaeffer

Rupert Davies-Cooke“Dan’s Mastermind group is a safe haven for creators and writers. Dan and my fellow Mastermind participants helped me define the direction for my writing and reach more readers through my website, blog and social media. I recommend this group to anyone looking for support and direction in their creative projects.”
-— Rupert Davies-Cooke

Maya Rushing Walker“WOW. I’m really blown away (seriously, not exaggerating) by the kind, helpful responses in this group. When I signed up, I had wondered if I was doing the right thing by joining this Mastermind –– I was afraid I wasn’t really ready for the step. But now I see that this is exactly what I needed.”
—- Maya Rushing Walker

CatheyNickell“I believe that Dan Blank has created MAGIC here. This group has held me accountable to making a positive change in my creative work — I have never been a part of something this powerful before!”
—- Cathey Nickell

Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 6.34.01 PM“This Mastermind has given me a sense of direction with the business side of my writing that I’ve never had before.”
—- Dawn Downey

Cari Flory“This Mastermind is building camaraderie with like-minded people for the first time in my life. I have never felt so alive. I can’t even explain it. Even with all my past successes nothing has brought me as much fulfillment as this group and each individual in it.”
— Cari Flory

“Dan Blank heads the best Mastermind I’ve ever attended. That’s why I’ve participated in three of them! Dan knows what it’s like to dig deep into the creative trenches. He’s also kind and wise and real with a great sense of humor. I loved knowing I could sit with him for 10 minutes daily while drinking my cup of coffee and come away clear about goals and inspired about my work. Often, it was the only 10 minutes that I was feeding myself instead of expending energy. You have a question, he’s got the answer. In the Mastermind, I’ve also connected with many other amazing artists and writers that I know will be part of my life for a long time. Dan has taken me from the beginning of a publishing process to the end of my publicity tour. Thank you, Dan!”
— Kathryn Ramsperger

“To say I’m grateful to Dan for his guidance, insights and support would be an understatement! Joining Dan’s Mastermind was the best decision I could have made. He helped me break down my big creative goals into one small action step at a time.”
— Irene Buchine

“Dan puts his own advice into action and serves as a great example of what it looks like to live as a creative professional. He’s super passionate about this work and it’s obvious in the way he shows up. He’s got a lot of helpful information to share and does it in a clear, friendly, insightful way. He didn’t just spout best practices, but helped me get to the ‘why’ behind it all.”
— Tammy Letherer

“One of the best investments I’ve made in my creative business is participating in Dan’s Mastermind. He is open, accessible, and enthusiastically shares his wealth of knowledge and insights every day. If you’re ready to take your creative business to the next level, working with Dan is a fantastic way to do it.”
— Pam Laricchia

“The three months I spent with Dan Blank and other creatives in his Mastermind were inspiring and eye-opening. Because of Dan, I’ve shifted my thinking about creating, marketing, and prioritizing what’s important in my life. I looked forward to his daily videos because of their positive messages and valuable information. I highly recommend Dan’s Mastermind — it’s well-worth the investment.”
— Kristin Oakley

“Dan Blank is a skilled midwife for writers and artists with creative ideas growing inside that are pushing to be born. Yes, it feels scary. But Dan knows how to guide you through the birth process and share the joy of helping your new creation come to life.”
— Anne Grant

“Dan’s Mastermind has made reaching my dreams possible. I might not have taken action on writing my novel or selling my art if it weren’t for Dan showing me the way in both practical and inspiring ways, day in and day out. He leads by example. I’m in awe of how much I’ve accomplished under his guidance and gathering of creative individuals.”
— Heather Keyser

“Dan’s encouragement and insights helped me to change my approach to connecting with my readers and my community. He helped me stay true to my values and my self.”
— KJ Dell’Antonia

“Participating in Dan’s Mastermind gave me the time and focus I needed to make my creative shift. Thanks, Dan.”
— Melinda Hammond

“The Mastermind is a unique participant-centered approach to pursuing your creative goals with honest, expert guidance from Dan and the other participants. Thoroughly recommended!”
— Brian Hetherington

Jan O'Hara“Dan’s Mastermind helped me look at the world, and my creative work, with an experimental mindset.”
— Jan O’Hara

Anny Rusk“I keep coming back to the Mastermind because like a functional medicine doctor, Dan ‘treats’ the whole person! He’s the only ‘marketing’ guy I know who takes a wholistic approach to his clients. Dan understands that mental and physical health, as well as mindset, are critical underpinnings for any kind of success! In addition, he’s willing to constantly evolve his mindset and beliefs about how to reach an audience. His forward momentum fuels my own forward momentum! Not many creatives I know actually enjoy marketing. But now I do.”
– Anny Rusk

Greta Holt“Dan Blank’s knowledge and generosity are remarkable. I benefited from his insistence upon clarity and focus of mission. The Mastermind group moved forward by leaps and bounds, sharing progress and aiding each other.”
– Greta Holt

“The Mastermind with Dan was a great experience. I felt very supported not only by him but also by my fellow masterminders. I saw that we all go through similar ups and downs, successes and challenges, and I learned a lot about resilience and perseverance. Dan’s instance on clarity, goal-setting and weekly assessments was crucial to keep making gains. Dan tailored the videos to the ongoing conversations, which made the content feel fresh and alive. I came out of the Mastermind with much more clarity about the next step in my creative journey, and a better idea on how to create and maintain an authentic voice in social media. I also forged strong connections with other writers.”
– Isidra Mencos

“In each of the last two Mastermind sessions I have gone through profound creative growth. I learned new things about myself, making experiential, intellectual and emotional connections that surprised me and enriched me. That’s the secret power that Dan’s Mastermind unleashes. Of course, you need the right triggers and trusted collaborators for it to work, and Dan is a master weaver of collaboration. Magic occurs in the Mastermind.”
– Simon Maple

“I thought I’d signed up for the Mastermind to get my career back on track. Seems like we’ve delved into getting my whole life onto a better track.”
– Kimberli Bindschatel


Susan Davenport“The three months I spent in Dan’s Mastermind were amazing. I came out of the Mastermind with a better understanding of myself, my readers, and how to achieve my goals. Plus, I met some wonderful new friends. I highly recommend Dan’s Mastermind.”
– Susan Davenport

Barbara Boyd“I am inspired by the amazing folks in this Mastermind. The adage that you become who you hang out with is true and I can become a better writer and creative person by spending time with this group. This Mastermind is far more than I imagined it could be.”
– Barbara Boyd

Diane Gottlieb“The Mastermind provides a safe place to learn and grow. The community that Dan and the members create together is extremely supportive. It is a space to ask questions, brainstorm, and learn as you witness others going through their own creative process. I highly recommend the Mastermind to anyone looking for a place to connect with other creatives and looking to move forward in their creative endeavors!”
– Diane Gottlieb

Sheila Athens“Dan provides one of the few places where the conversation revolves around topics of huge importance to me–creativity, risk-taking, crafting a creative life, working on our art on a consistent basis, connecting with others through our art, making money as a creative, etc. It’s like he has created an oasis for those of us who crave these conversations and who need this information.”
– Sheila Athens

Nicky Mendenhall“The Mastermind experience is more than I hoped for and wonderful in so many ways. I am learning and growing and – most important of all – WRITING which was really my main goal. My blog is more focused, I enjoy writing it, and I am busy with a memoir!”
– Nicky Mendenhall

“Since taking several of Dan Blank’s Masterminds, I have published my debut novel, won awards, sent my second novel to my editor, hosted a scholarship, and made over sixty close creative friends. I am now a career novelist. It boggles my mind to say so because I talked about being an author for decades. Decades! Now I can walk my talk like Dan. I wish every creative person would do a Mastermind and make their someday this day.”
– Teri Case

Leigh Stein“I loved the Mastermind! It helped me gain clarity on where I wanted to spend my time and creative energy, and ultimately I finished a draft of my novel. The weekly accountability and support allowed me to accomplish more than I would have going at it alone.”
– Leigh Stein

Rachel Barry“I started the Mastermind because I was stuck. I thought about writing all the time–but I didn’t actually write. I lamented not being able to make it as a writer, but I didn’t give myself a proper shot because I was too afraid to write anything. Dan and the Mastermind of creatives helped me get out of this tremendous slump and into the most productive creative period I’ve ever experienced. I’m writing, I’m submitting, I’m confident. I can’t say enough good things about the Mastermind. It’s a priceless experience.”
– Rachel Barry

Marjorie Wilson Peltier“Dan is always inclusive, responsive, and encouraging. Those three things are central to creating a safe environment within which to explore change and growth. He loves what he is doing and it shows.”
– Marjorie Wilson Peltier

Beth Chardack“In the first Mastermind I was a part of, Dan had us establish one small habit. Eleven months later, I’m still writing every day. That naturally builds to bigger and better habits, in other areas too. I can’t believe the change in my work habits over the year. Dan knows how to lead you to reach your goals, whatever they might be, and ensure that new habits are made and kept, setting you on your way to greater productivity and action.”
– Beth Chardack

Cara Lindell“This Mastermind has ended up being just what I needed. The process of creating is what this is about — a foundation which must be in order to really move forward.”
– Cara Lindell

Ruth Franklin“Dan is truly expert at understanding the creative process. I was amazed at his ability to encourage and challenge writers and artists in many different genres to grow and transform their work. As a writer accustomed to working alone but looking for support as I tried out a new genre, I found his guidance comforting and his questions stimulating. I recommend the Mastermind to anyone interested in gaining a better understanding of their own creative process and developing the tools to become more productive and more confident.”
– Ruth Franklin

Joy Overstreet“Participating in the Mastermind kept my writing goals front and center during a challenging time — when I decided to drop the manuscript I’d been working on. The various ways Dan helped us gain clarity gave me the impetus to start a different, potentially better book. Thank you Dan for all you do to support us!”
– Joy Overstreet

Gina Conkle“Dan has a talent for clearing away the “noise” in a writer’s head.”
– Gina Conkle

Kim Zach“The three months have truly shifted my thinking about my creative process and work. I couldn’t be happier with the results. It really got me working again. I appreciate all the positive comments and support I received.”
– Kim Zach

Tess Enterline“Very soon after completing the Creative Shift Mastermind, I launched both a newsletter and a website … goals I muddled through for a very long time before learning about Dan and how he guides and encourages people who have a creative dream. How did the Creative Shift Mastermind help? It helped me gain clarity on what I want to create, now and moving forward. It made me appreciate the value of steadily taking small steps toward my goals. And finally, collaborating with, and celebrating the progress made by members of the group, made me more intentional about my own creative work. The Creative Shift Mastermind lasts 3 months. You’ll reap the benefits for many years after that!”
– Tess Enterline

“Dan’s Mastermind was a game changer for me. I never could have imagined how deeply being a participant would shift my perspective. On my life. On my creativity. On what I stand for. On what I’m willing to do. And what I want to leave this life having accomplished. Dan’s no-stress, low-key way of sharing ideas sparked new ways of thinking that will stay with me forever. He’s a great role model in what it takes to live a creative creator’s life. In the time since the Mastermind has ended, I’m thinking more deeply into what it means to be a human on a creative path, and what that means in terms of becoming a better version of myself. THIS is the journey I’ve longed to know for a long time. Thank you, Dan!”
– Debra Marrs

Jan Sheehan“The Mastermind has been a place for me to explore what it is I’m trying to create, find ways to grant myself the space and time to define this change, and to build the foundational habits that create the way forward.”
– Jan Sheehan

Jeannie Ewing“Dan’s style is gentle, kind, but also very honest. I appreciate that. When we all engaged in difficult or complex conversations, Dan shared such clear wisdom with the group or even individually. It was so refreshing to receive feedback based on his decades of experience working with creative professionals, because it defined certain nebulous aspects of artistic work that are not easily done: “What is art?” “How do I create an experience for my audience?” Dan has shared his gifts and continues to do so in a way that both encourages and challenges. He is a true mentor and I felt, under his apprenticeship, that I finally had the freedom and permission to be who I have been as a writer all along.”
– Jeannie Ewing

TonyBonds“Before I joined the Mastermind, I struggled to find time to write, I yearned for a creative community, but didn’t know where to look, and I felt like I was at a crossroads in my career. Through working with Dan and everyone else in the Mastermind, I now have firmly established writing habits, I’m close to finishing my novel, and I have a plan in place to grow my writing career. Dan Blank is a sherpa for the creative explorer inside all of us. After three months of methodical self-discovery exercises, rigorous discussion with experts of all stripes, and Dan’s razor-sharp insights, I emerged from the Mastermind with control of my creative life. Dan is ridiculously generous with his time, attention, and sharing his vast experience. I love everything about this group and would recommend it to anyone searching for what’s next in their creative journey.”
– Tony Bonds

KarenLockKolp“When I started The Creative Shift Mastermind, I was in a tough place and knew I needed the right kind of support and education to come out of it. Dan provided such great support. He takes you on a journey where you confront the most frightening and challenging aspects of creative work – self-doubt, the curveballs that life throws, the “daily grind” stuff – and he helps you come out on top. After taking this Mastermind my whole life has changed: I am healthier, I am happier in my life, and I am succeeding at reaching my creative goals. I cannot recommend The Creative Shift Mastermind highly enough. Thank you Dan!”
– Karen Lock Kolp

Deborah Bayer“After I read Dan’s book, Be the Gateway, I thought, This book is full of good ideas, but I’ll never have the confidence to implement them. Working with Dan in the Creative Shift Mastermind has given me the confidence and motivation to build a platform one reader at a time in an authentic, non-spammy way.”
– Deborah Bayer

“In the Creative Shift Mastermind, Dan Blank brings together a group of creative individuals, builds a supportive community, and provides everyone with a treasure trove of great information designed to help each person further their creative goals. He generously shares himself, his time, and the knowledge he has accumulated through years of working to help writers, artists, photographers, and others finish books, build platforms and connect with the world. It is a pleasure working with him!”
– Jayne Beker