What’s covered in the series:

Find Your Ideal Audience
A 1-hour video that shows you how to discover who the ideal readers are for your writing.

Author Platform and Book Launch Essentials
A 1-hour video to learn about essential steps you should take to develop your author platform and launch your book.

The Creative Success Pyramid
A 1-hour video that takes a deep dive into the system I use to help writers get clarity, share their work, and launch their books. I will walk through the entire system.

The Clarity Cards System
A 1-hour video and free PDF download that helps you identify how to best communicate what you create and why.

My name is Dan Blank, and I help writers develop a human-centered approach to marketing and reaching their readers. I believe that writers have this magical ability to create stories and help others. For the past 12 years, I have worked full-time with thousands of writers.