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Barry Eisler Interview: Amazon, eBooks, & the Writing Craft

I had the pleasure to speak with Barry Eisler, discussing what it is like being published by Amazon, the issue of quality and ebooks, and on the value of the craft of writing.

You can find Barry at http://BarryEisler.com

  • Great interview guys. Really good overview of the industry. Especially like the part on all the crap out there.

    It’s true, most media outlets are filled with crap, but it doesn’t stop you finding the good ones. Hopefully this mantra that self-publishing = crap will soon end. I’m sure it will

    Matt (Turndog Millionaire)

  • Enjoyed the interview. Thanks, Barry, for taking your valuable time to share your thoughts, and also for helping inspire and guide so many young authors out there.

  • Excellent interview.