The Mini Book Trailers Are Finished!!!

photo-80Oh, I’m so excited and greedy to show the world the haunting, intriguing, dark, and juicy work Kai and our team of actors (animal, child, and relative) helped make. I wish wish wish I could show them to you right now, but if I showed you, well, I’d have to kill you. (Wait, no, I’ve got to stop thinking like a Winslow… more like, if I showed you, then I’d miss the chance to be able to offer them to larger venue, who’ll show the trailers to a lot more people than would see them if they were posted here first). I promise, you’ll see the fruits of our labor soon. But in the meantime, here are a few pictures from the middle of our summer shoot to whet your appetite (and make me ache for summer all over again!):


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