Two Weeks Until Publication = All The Feels

Dan and I had lunch together yesterday and it was this kind of amazing firestorm of Ohmygoodnessit’shappening!!! combined with Howarewesupposedtofeel??? crossed with Whathappensnext??? In between, I stole his french fries.

So what do I feel? Well, of course I feel excited. In two weeks the bookstore I walked into today will (hopefully) be selling Bittersweet! But if there’s one thing book publishing has taught me is that there are many other feelings, good and bad, that come along with this whole big old process. I’ve been talking to a few other writers who have books coming out in the next little bit of time, and they’re running the gamut of feelings too, perhaps best summed up in this fantastic Facebook post written by Porochista Khakpour, whose novel, The Last Illusion, is the featured book in today’s OMG! All The Books! Giveaway:

Screen Shot 2014-04-29 at 4.38.54 PM

Here are my feels for today, in no particular order:

– I’m feeling guilty that I haven’t been posting on this site in recent weeks!

– I’m feeling nervous that none of the possibilities that my publicist mentioned in our phone meeting today might come true.

– And then I’m feeling chagrinned, because *one* of those possibilities will probably happen, right? Right???

– I’m feeling a general wash of anxiety when I first wake up every morning. I’ve learned the best solution to that problem is to just get my butt out of bed and start the day, but the anxiety still comes in little waves of ohmygoodness as the day goes on.

– I’m feeling distracted- I can’t really focus on much of anything for a long period of time. So I’ve started lots of small projects in my house, but my husband can attest to the fact that the dishes really aren’t being washed all that regularly. Still, I like to think that all that distraction is making me a fun mom, since I’m much more likely to curl up with a book or suggest we watch some Tom & Jerry or be up for a trip to the ice cream shop.

– I’m feeling moved and honored to see so many people I know and love (and a growing number of people I haven’t met yet) feeling enthusiastic about Bittersweet as we near publication.

– I’m also prone to burst into tears much more often than usual. Like, about anything.

My mantra for these next two weeks: be easy on yourself. A good mantra to adopt for the rest of my life, I suppose, and yours too!

2 Thoughts.

  1. Two weeks is going to both fly by and drag on! It is exciting, but also weird (or so I’ve heard since mine hasn’t come out yet) because your life really doesn’t change on pub day. It is so big personally, but there’s still dishes to be done, laundry to fold (always the laundry!)…Someone told me that on pub day you should do something to mark the moment, especially if your launch party is not on that day. Something simple like going out to breakfast when you never go out to breakfast or getting the full-fat frappucino with a friend – doesn’t have to be a big thing, just something that allows you to feel spoiled & special… I say all this as if I’ve figured out what I’ll do on pub day, but I haven’t. But hey, I’ve got 6 months to think of something! 🙂 Good luck & forget about the anxiety. You wrote a book & that’s a big deal in and of itself. If you only sell 100 copies or sell 100,000 copies, your book is still an accomplishment!

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