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  • Place a bet on yourself (5/19/2017) - When will you give up on yourself? On your dream of becoming a successful writer, or being known in another creative field? Will it happen all at once? Will there be a day where you “declare” that you are giving up? Or will it happen slowly, one missed opportunity at a time? One missed writing […]
  • How ‘word-of-mouth marketing’ REALLY happens (5/12/2017) - Today I want to share a small case study with you, illustrating how word-of-mouth marketing really happens. My goal is to encourage you to connect in meaningful ways with others who resonate with the writing and creative work you are passionate about. Okay, let’s dig in… OMG! My Book Was Mentioned on a Podcast! Last […]
  • Craft vs. platform: which comes first? (5/5/2017) - Today I want to talk about how to prioritize working on your craft vs. developing your platform: when to do it, how to manage it, and what steps I recommend you take first. Two authors reached out to me recently sharing their biggest challenges: Anne-Marie asked: “My biggest challenge is to prioritize my time. How […]
  • 3 of the biggest challenges writers face (4/28/2017) - In March I released my first book, and in April, my wife gave birth to a baby boy. Amidst this change, I have been considering if everything I do lives up to my mission of helping writers and creative professionals. So I began working with Teri on my team to analyze why people hire me. […]
  • If you are launching a book, you have to read this (4/21/2017) - The wonderful Jane Friedman shared a link to a blog post the other week that was really impressive in providing the step-by-step process of how they successfully launched a book. This is the post: Exactly how I self-published my book, sold 180,000 copies, and nearly doubled my revenue, which was written by Michael Bungay Stanier. […]
  • Is fear holding you hostage? (4/14/2017) - Last week, I talked about how pursuing your creative work can sometimes feel full of risk, and other times full of hope. I received a lot of lovely replies to that post, but one note really stood out. It is from a woman who was replying to a prompt from me: what is your biggest […]
  • In between, you have everything (4/7/2017) - A quote that has resonated with me more than any other in the past few years is one by Bono. This is how he described U2’s process for reinventing the band in 1990 when they moved on from their “earnest” persona of The Joshua Tree to the forward-thinking Achtung Baby!: “You have to reject one […]
  • My New Social Media Manifesto (3/31/2017) - I have seen many guides of how to start using social media. But recently I have found myself in a place where I have been on social media for years, but have fallen out of love with some aspects of it. In particular: Twitter. When speaking with friends and colleagues, I would find they have […]
  • Generosity is a Magic Wand (3/28/2017) - My latest guest post for WriterUnboxed.com explores some of what I have learned in releasing my book: that generosity is a magic wand. The most important aspect of this that each of us has that magic wand. The only questions are: If we use it. How we use it. So let’s take this apart piece […]
  • The Gateway Mastermind (3/17/2017) - When I reached out to an author who had been a part of a previous session of my mastermind program, to tell her about the next one, this was her reply: “I’m very pleased to tell you, because of your guidance, I’m way too busy connecting with my audience over the next three months, to join […]