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  • Don’t Make It Perfect. Just Make It Better. (4/18/2014) - “I have bits & pieces but don’t know how to construct a coherent plan from all of it.” These are words an author shared with me this week, and it sounded so familiar. This is a challenge that many writers go through. They are super smart, they have read so many “helpful” articles and blog […]
  • Your Life is Not Tetris – Stop Trying to Shove More Stuff Into It (4/11/2014) - Your life is not Tetris. Stop trying to re-arrange the pieces so you can shove MORE stuff, more activities into it. Working with authors, I find that many (most? ALL?!) are overwhelmed. They are trying to fit so much into their lives: writing, publishing/marketing, a day job, family, home, friends, hobbies, personal health, lawn care, […]
  • How I Am Trying to Create a Book Giveaway Filled With Enthusiasm & Fun, Instead of Spammy Self-Promotion (4/4/2014) - So I have been working with two amazing people on creating a book giveaway, Miranda Beverly-Whittmore and Julia Fierro. It doesn’t really begin until next week, but I wanted to share a bit of behind the scenes on the process, and the value being created even BESIDES the books being given away. So much of […]
  • Who Reads Your Work Matters More Than How Many (3/21/2014) - In measuring your success as an author, focusing JUST on numbers is a sure way to always feel like crap about yourself. Why? Because there is always someone with more – someone who represents a “next level,” that you have failed to achieve. Someone who has sold more books, has a more popular blog than […]
  • Investing in the Future, While Honoring the Past (3/14/2014) - How, as a writer or creative professional, do you make room for the new, the future? How do you create potential for yourself, your writing, and those who you hope to reach? How does one leverage the wisdom of experience, respecting the events of the past, and honoring those who came before us, while still […]
  • The Year-Long Book Launch (3/11/2014) - I recently shared a post over on WriterUnboxed.com that takes you inside a year-long book launch process I am partnering with an author on. Through this process, we have been live-blogging our actions, and being super honest about how emotional the process is. Since last June, we have shared more than 100 blog posts about […]
  • Empathy, Education, and What It Means To Truly Create a Body Of Work That You Are Proud Of (3/7/2014) - Today I want to talk about a part of my work that I rarely discuss: the consulting I do with organizations outside of publishing. Over the years, I have become convinced that I can better serve writers if I understand more broadly what works in terms of sharing stories and engaging a community beyond the […]
  • The Power of Enthusiasm: Should You Create a “Street Team”? (2/21/2014) - Remember that time when you created something, and all of these strangers magically found it and just shouted about it to everyone they knew, and you went “viral,” and your success just grew and grew, like a runaway snowball cruising down a hill? Me neither. Recently, I have heard some successful authors such as Bella […]
  • No, Things Were Not Easier “Back in the Day,” and Other Narratives We Cling To In Order To Avoid the Hard Work Of Success (2/14/2014) - Too often, we create simple narratives to drive our actions, or our inaction. For writers and other creative professionals, these narratives could be: It’s all about the story, I don’t need to know anything about publishing a book, marketing a book, or connecting with readers. Writers back in the day didn’t worry about Tweeting, why […]
  • Finding Maximum Capacity (2/7/2014) - “I now have more time to write.” This is feedback I kept receiving from authors I have worked recently. For someone who crafting new stories, “time to write” is a somewhat sacred thing. And yet, this often feels just out of reach for many writers. Why did this happen – where did this time come […]