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  • Getting real (on social media) (5/20/2016) - Social media is different things to different people. In the line of work I do, very often writers or creative professionals come to me hoping for social media to be a promotional channel. For instance, they want to use it to sell more books. I understand why they want that; they believe in their book, […]
  • 3 Common Marketing Fallacies That Writers Need To Be Wary Of (5/13/2016) - Today I want to cover three common marketing fallacies that I see all the time. These are things I see that bump writers off track, and tend to leave them overwhelmed. Also, I’ll give my advice for what you should do instead. Okay, let’s dig in…. Fallacy #1: Following Trends That Offer You a “Simple” […]
  • “I feel like a fraud most of the time.” (5/6/2016) - These are words that a someone said to me recently: “I feel like a fraud most of the time.” They were spoken by a very successful woman, with credentials from decades of experience in her field. I shared this with a mastermind group I run, and people expressed how pervasive this sentiment is. One put […]
  • A masterclass in sales copy (4/29/2016) - Most of us are passionate about creating our work, but we find marketing it to be a challenge. The skills that allow us to create a great story are different from those we need to to position it in the marketplace, promote it, and actually get someone to buy it. When I work with clients, […]
  • Investing in Your Own Potential (4/24/2016) - In my latest guest post for Writer Unboxed, I talk about how often we hold ourselves back, killing our own creative dreams before they can take root. In the piece I share three things: A story of how Steve Chen left Facebook just before it became a household name, in order to make his own […]
  • “I only have 60 followers” (4/15/2016) - It’s really difficult to build an audience for your work, right? Often, I hear people bemoan how things were better in “the good old days.” When we didn’t have social media, when there wasn’t so much distraction. They felt that back before the internet, they could more easily get their book read, have their music […]
  • I’m helping to organize a festival for storytellers (4/7/2016) - I’m part of a team that is putting together a local festival about storytelling. Today, I want to show you what that looks like behind the scenes: both the unbridled excitement, and the terror around expectations. This is a brand new event — something that started with one conversation, and then kept growing momentum little […]
  • Why we create (3/31/2016) - Today, I want to talk about why we create. Against all odds, through much discomfort, with zero validation, what drives us to create. And I want to honor someone that I worked with who recently passed away. On March 2nd, P.J. Horoszko died at age 27. He was an editor at Picador, who was working […]
  • Behind the Scenes of a Bestselling Launch (3/29/2016) - My most recent guest post on WriterUnboxed.com delves into a behind the scenes look of a bestselling book launch. It also covers seven tips for your own launches, including: You Need a Team You Need Time for Your Launch Worry About Who Will Share Your Message as Early as Possible Overdeliver Fear of Missing Out […]
  • “I feel stuck” (3/18/2016) - This is the phrase I hear often from people who are trying to make progress with their creative work: “I feel stuck.” Sure, they have a strong vision, but they are also swamped with daily responsibilities. They can’t seem to find a clear path forward. As we head into spring, something you may already be […]