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  • An Inside Look at How the Publishing Industry Promotes Books (5/29/2015) - This week I attended BookExpo America (BEA) in New York City, a trade show for the publishing industry. It is here that publishers, distributors, licensors, booksellers, librarians, and many others come together to do business. Because publishing is a business. Usually, there are yearly recaps of the show, and people try to determine “trends” or […]
  • The Trap of Your Comfort Zone (5/26/2015) - My most recent guest post for WriterUnboxed.com provides specific examples (with photos) of some projects I am working on that illustrate the need for writers & creative professionals to work outside of their comfort zones. I frame it in three stages of one’s career: Writing Publishing Developing an audience The post also includes a mind-blowing […]
  • Inside Kickstarter (5/15/2015) - How do you ask for help? A client and friend of mine is about to launch a Kickstarter campaign [update: it’s now live!], and today I would like to take you inside that process — that process of asking for help — and inside the Kickstarter company itself. We were able to take a tour […]
  • Behind the Scenes of My Life as a Creative Professional (5/8/2015) - Today, I would like to take you behind the scenes to see what my professional life looks like. I’ll show you many of the projects that I haven’t talked about recently, and some of the wonderful people that fill my life. The idea for this post came after reflecting on the words filmmaker Angela Tucker […]
  • “I switched from chasing other people’s sounds, into learning to cultivate my own.” My interview with sound artist Margaret Noble (5/4/2015) - Today I am excited to share my interview with sound artist Margaret Noble. I am inspired by Margaret’s habits as a creative professional, especially the intentional choices she makes to improve her craft, grow as an artist, and ensure she makes time to create. Some of what we cover in our chat: How she views […]
  • I’m Offering A Paid Summer Internship! (4/29/2015) - I’m offering a paid summer internship, and hoping to find someone to join our team that is as enthusiastic about helping creative professionals as I am. Full details can be found here. Thanks! -Dan
  • Shame and Your Career (4/29/2015) - In my recent guest post for WriterUnboxed.com, I talked about how fear and shame often play a role in decisions on how we practice our craft and navigate our career. How we often make decisions about our writing career based on surface-level excuses that mask deeper motivations: We resist writing for deeper reasons. “It just […]
  • “It’s not just what film you want to make, it’s what film can you make.” My interview with filmmaker Angela Tucker (4/28/2015) - Today I’m excited to share my conversation with writer, director and producer Angela Tucker. In this interview, talk about the realities of crossing that gap from one’s creative vision to making it a reality. What jumped out at me was two things: How many disparate projects and goals she juggles at any one time. How […]
  • 3 Key Ways That Hiring Employees is Helping My Business Grow (4/27/2015) - Last year, I shared two blog posts about my process for hiring three interns. I wanted to check in on how things have evolved since that time — continuing this as a behind-the-scenes case study. In June 2014, I talked about my intention to hire an intern, the process to do so, and how I […]
  • Behind the Scenes of My Podcasting & Interview Process (4/20/2015) - Since I announced my book Dabblers vs. Doers a few months ago, I have been in a process of research for the book that includes interviews with various creative professionals. I decided to share that primary research live as it happens via a podcast and accompanying blog posts. Just look at these awesome people I […]