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Start Small and Personal: How To Approach Any New Project

So many writers I work with are apprehensive about certain aspects of platform development. So when we approach something like creating a newsletter, they come back to me with these grand plans for a newsletter with 8 sections, and a really “professional” tone.

My advice to them is often this: start small and personal. I take you through the reasoning why in the video above.


  • Leigh Clark

    Thx for sharing your wisdom Dan. Your words have sunk into my consciousness this morning and I’ve suddenly seen  what I want to do with the newsletter issue that’s been holding me back for so long.

    • Thanks Leigh! So glad I could help.

  • I would love to watch this video, but unfortunately, it is listed as “private.”

    • So sorry! It’s an older video, I have to go in and review my YouTube account. Thank you for caring about this though!

      • No worries, Dan! Thanks for looking into it and thanks so much for the timely response! – sj