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Trish Lawrence Interview – Helping Writers Leverage Social Media

This week, I chatted with Trish Lawrence, owner of Real/Brilliant. Trish is an online strategist who works with writers and entrepreneurs to help them leverage social media.

You can find Trish on Twitter at @TrishLawrence, and her website: RealBrilliant.com

My goal is to share conversations with those doing interesting things in the world of publishing and media.

Click ‘play’ below to learn about Trish’s thoughts on how important social media is for authors.


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  • Jenhweb

    Absolutely love this conversation with you Dan Blank and Trish Lawrence. You both are right on. I am engulfed right in the center as an author! Yes, social media…I appreciate your push Trish…to this area. I've been in the writing field so long…it's fun to see writing has just begun…with print on demand, e-book, kind and blogging.

    I'm so enjoying this writing groupee…yes, story telling people. Let's take oIur books, concepts out from under the bed…and speak out. People are afraid of people stealing their concepts…eBooks are an easy way to do it your self slowly. How to publish your book in the 21st century is an ebook I wrote that is still a great start to basic writers…on amazon kindle. Thank you for this partnership of conversation. I now don't feel alone as I sit 6 days a week…writing…writing…writing…social media is awesome and something I'm just learning about.

    will connect with you on your links…peace, jennifer hope webster, chatwithgod.org

  • Very informative. Thanks!

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