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What Is An Author Brand?

I was chatting with writers in my author platform class, and we were discussing what it meant to have an author brand. To me, it is not about putting something artificial on top of who you are, but creating meaning for your audience, and a consistent experience for them.

Also: the more you share your audience’s voice in your brand, the more easily you will find your message resonate with them.


  • Melanie Marttila

    Love the idea of authenticity, and I do share extensively on my blog: http://www.melaniemarttila.ca
    Part of my persona is about sharing stories of my life and development as a creative person.  I commented on a similar posting a month or so ago and confessed that I am pretty WYSIWYG, but no blog, story, poem, novel or other work that I produce will ever truly capture all that is me. 
    Ultimately, the key to “branding” or creating an online persona, is really about focusing in on what you want to share, sharing it honestly and consistently, and taking the rest as it comes.
    I break a lot of the “rules” or best practices for platform building shared by you and others (Jane Friedman, Robert Lee Brewer), but I’m pretty stubborn in some ways too.  I have to do it my way (can you hear the Sinatra swell in the background?).
    Thanks for this lovely little vid. 
    I was seriously considering joining your class, but did not have the funds even for the basic version.  Instead, I joined Robert Lee Brewer’s April Platform challenge, and boy has it kicked my butt 🙂  In a good way. 
    Will look forward to another opportunity to join you on the journey.
    Melanie Marttila

  • Totally agree, a Brand is so much deeper than whats on the surface. Consistency is key and staying true to the core values of what you hope to achieve. Love the authenticity outlook too, I feel being yourself and being honest is the way to go

    Nice short vid

    Matt (Turndog Millionaire)